Eight Simple Breakfast Recipes to Start the Day Right


Mornings can be hectic, whether you are getting the kids ready for school, commuting to work, trying to fit in a workout, or complete some other task, leaving little time to eat a satisfying breakfast. But, a good breakfast can start your day off on the right track, and there are many healthy and easy options that will not only fill your stomach, but provide a tasty meal that you won't want to miss. Following are eight delicious breakfast recipes to start the day right.

1. Creamy Smoked Salmon and Dill Frittata

Who said a gourmet breakfast has to be complicated? This delightful frittata combines protein-packed eggs with smoked salmon slices, cream cheese, a sprinkle of dill, and a few other additions to create a light, yet filling breakfast. It takes just over 10 minutes to prepare, and you can easily add your favorite veggies into the mix if desired.

2. Coconut Oat Scones with Maple Cinnamon Glaze

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these scrumptious vegan scones. A mixture of oats, coconut, and naturally sweet and dairy-free oat milk make for a delicious scone that is even better when drizzled with a maple cinnamon glaze. For a quick breakfast, bake the scones the day before and store them for an easy option for the days to come.

3. Berry Spinach Smoothie

Fuel your day with a refreshing berry spinach shake for breakfast. The fresh, sweet flavor of strawberries and blueberries pair with the vitamin-rich properties of spinach in a frosty drink. Combined with health products, shakes can provide many health benefits that promote long-term well-being. Check out thrive reviews for some shake ideas. Also try using natural sweeteners and flavors, such as vanilla or honey, and switch up the creamy element by trying varieties like almond milk, soy milk, regular milk, and others.

4. Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal

Try this great pumpkin spiced oatmeal to add a fall twist to your breakfast routine. Pumpkin, protein-rich pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, and cloves offer a warm and sweet taste along with plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Oatmeal is guaranteed to leave you feeling full for hours after breakfast, and this tasty variety will leave you wanting more.

5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Parfait

This yummy chia parfait is as close to eating dessert for breakfast as can be. The rich combination of chocolate and peanut butter provides a sweet taste, and the sliced bananas add that perfect fruity hint to this meal. Chia seeds have become increasingly popular due to their high fiber, antioxidants, omega-3s, and more, and when mixed with milk varieties and left overnight, they become a tasty pudding-like substance that makes for an excellent and quick breakfast.

6. Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Sandwich

The huevos rancheros breakfast sandwich offers a unique twist on this classic dish. A whole-wheat English muffin is topped with a fried egg, guacamole, refried beans, salsa, cilantro, and the optional cheese to make a breakfast that will have you ready to conquer the day. This breakfast sandwich is a healthy option that takes about five minutes to make, making it great for any day of the week.

7. Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes

Strawberries add a fresh, sweet, and fruity flare to these healthy pancakes. This homemade batter utilizes a flour and milk of your choice, oats, and a few other ingredients with vanilla, coconut oil, sweetener, and strawberries for a sweet and fluffy pancake. This breakfast isn't complicated to make, and with a simple mixture and a short time in a greased pan, these pancakes are a quick meal that anybody will love. Top them with whipped cream, syrup, more fruit, or another of your favorite toppings.

8. Sweet Potato Avocado Egg Scramble

Potatoes don't have to be eliminated for a healthy breakfast. This savory dish incorporates sweet potatoes for added vitamins and fiber and just a hint of sweetness. Toss onions, bell pepper slices, cherry tomatoes, and avocado in a frying pan with egg whites and combine them with the baked sweet potato pieces for a substantial and healthy meal.


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