Best Food Gadgets of 2019

Mason Kelley

In this day and age technology is what we currently look forward to, and helps to make each day a much easier one. As technology blossoms, as does fun little gadgets to help aid with normal routines we tend to follow; these gadgets might actually be helpful or just plain old conversation starters. You can be the judge of it, here’s a list of the best 2019 kitchen cooking gadgets.

Number one is Yaylabs ice cream maker ball which cost roughly $42 dollars. This little gadget is for ice cream enthusiast, it’s an interactive ball which the user shakes up to create the classic churning of ice cream. It’s used by filling up one side with normal ice cream ingredients such as heavy cream, white sugar, vanilla extract and some other flavors of your choosing, the other side is packed with a lot of ice and rock salts. Once you’re ready to start making your own ice cream you just drop this ball on the floor you can kick it or you can Play hot potato with it, or even play catch with it by doing these actions you have just created your own home ice cream. check it out here

Number two is an automatic pan stirrer with timer; how many recipes require you to continuously stir your ingredients which requires your undivided attention, well now with this automatic pan stir from uncommon you can set a time and let the automatic pan stirrer handle all the stirring while you handle some quality television time! This nifty machine is priced at $25 dollars. check it out here

Number 3 is this super great nostalgia retro pop-up hot dog toaster. This amazing little toaster is made for all the folks out there that love hotdogs but don’t have the patience to wait while it’s grilling or boiling, this toaster oven will toast your hotdog to a perfect crisp while also toasting your bread. It’s great for all families small or large alike and a great gift, it cost $19.99 check it out here

Number 4 the selfie toaster, now I’m not saying that this is the greatest invention of all time! But what is better than having a piece of toast with your face on it? Now with the selfie toaster conversations will be so much better, not to mention this is an epic gift to gift. This selfie toaster cost $75 check it out here

Number 5 with healthy being on the rise and obesity being an epidemic with fear so much, gadgets in the kitchen that can help us cook with a healthy edge is always appreciated and needed. The allows you to fry up your favorite recipes by adding water and following some recipes; air fryers are the new trends to help us maintain our great figures; while not losing that great quality fried food taste. There are so many ways to have fun in the kitchen, if you’re a novice cook or a newbie most of the above gadgets will fit wonderfully in your home kitchen. Somethings will work like a charm and others will become your best friends. Most importantly don’t forget to pass on this useful information for all the cooks out there.


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