5 Ways to Give Your Smoothies More Staying Power


When you think of a smoothie, you probably envision an icy cold glass of deliciousness. While that's not far from reality, why not challenge yourself to bring your smoothies to the next level? One of the greatest things about them is that they're incredibly versatile and they can be made to suit just about every nutritional need. Because of this, it's quick and easy to craft a smoothie that's balanced enough to keep you full and ready to take on the day. Keep reading for five ways you can create smoothies that are guaranteed to pack a filling and nutritional punch.

Supercharge With Supplements
If you're relying on a smoothie to fill you up as well as a traditional meal would, adding in quality supplements is a great way to ensure your body gets exactly what it needs. When it comes to choosing which ones to use, it's essential to understand what something does (and if it's appropriate for you to take). Maybe you've developed occasional pain and inflammation in one of your knees and are wondering if there's something that can help it naturally. Surprise, there's an herb for that! Doing research on curcumin vs turmeric would help explain what to expect from both, helping you determine which would best suit your needs.

Don't Be Afraid of Healthy Fats
There's a lot of misconception when it comes to including fats in a diet, so it's important to understand which fats are beneficial. Healthy fats are a big piece of striking the perfect balance in your smoothies. Not only do they help to keep your blood sugar levels in check, they also slow down the digestion process keeping you fuller for longer.

Adding fats to your smoothie couldn't be simpler. Try adding frozen chunks of avocado for thicker and silkier smoothies, or try different natural nut butters for a flavor profile more similar to a decadent milkshake. Full-fat, plain Greek yogurt is a wonderful base to start with for creating a filling and satisfying treat.

There is truth to there being too much of a good thing, so practice moderation here. One fat per smoothie is ideal.

Bulk Up the Protein
Protein is another star when it comes to satiety and it plays really well in smoothies. Chances are when you think about protein, your mind goes to the multitude of protein powders on the market. While protein powders are convenient, they might not always be suitable depending on your preferences. Getting ample amounts of protein is as easy as using milk for your liquid, but there are other proteins just perfect for smoothies as well. Try adding tofu or pumpkin seeds for a little variety.

Don't Forget About Fiber
Since giving your smoothie staying power is the objective here, making sure fiber is part of it is essential. This power player can be found in many everyday foods, including kale (hello, green smoothie), cooked oats and white beans. You can also get your fiber from other smoothie ingredients you've got on hand, such as avocado and nut butter. How's that convenient?

Watch the Sugar
While it's hard to turn down a fruity, sweet and almost dessert-like smoothie, do your best to resist. If you don't pay attention to the ingredients used, you'll end up with a sugar bomb that tastes amazing but leaves you hungry and dragging before you know it. Having a general understanding of daily dietary guidelines is important. You don't need to be an expert, but knowledge is power. There are simple ways to cut down on additional sugars. Instead of using fruit juice as your liquid, try water or unsweetened almond milk and only use natural nut butters without sugar.

Once you master the art of a well-balanced smoothie, you won't want to go back. Your body will thank you.


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