5 Easy and Healthy Family Recipes That You Need to Try


As a parent, getting everyone to eat healthily and supporting well-balanced diets can feel like a consistent challenge. With the constant battle between busy schedules, not enough time and integrating important nutrients, it can feel like an impossible task to get something healthy on the table.  If you are struggling to get your family the nutrients they need, here are a few recipe ideas that can help everyone deliciously achieve a better diet.


Smoothies may not seem like the best option if you are looking for a healthy option for your family; however, you may be approaching this wrong. If you want to ensure that your family is getting well-balanced meals, smoothies offer you an easy option to sneak in different key nutrients. Whether you opt for a peanut, banana and greek yogurt smoothie for a midday snack or you make a fruit smoothie with greens for a morning snack on the go, you have plenty of delectable options. If you are looking to improve your intake, you can also check out the vital reds reviews or other options to improve your diet, energy and nutrition.

Chicken Noodle Soup

There is something wondrous about classic family favorites like chicken noodle soup. This mouthwatering dish can be perfect for the colder months, chilly weather or just when you want to sit around enjoying each other on a lazy day. You can include key nutrients from the protein and vegetables that can support a healthy diet and soothe the soul. If you want to make this a true family favorite, get the kids involved and make this dish together.

Chicken Alfredo and Bowties

Another soul-soothing dish that is perfect for families is chicken alfredo and bowties. This lean protein paired with the creaminess of the alfredo sauce and important green vegetables can achieve a well-balanced dinner that will have everyone craving more. This is a delectable option for any dinner that can give the perfect opportunity to sit around and laugh together. Not only will this dish quickly become a family favorite, but this is a recipe that you can pass along to your kids that they can share with their loved ones.

Ground Turkey Bolognese

Some family favorites can be altered and updated to create healthier versions, and a bolognese sauce with ground turkey can be a delicious dish for any family. Updating this recipe with leaner meat can be the perfect way to take this family favorite to the next level and improve it. Substituting ground beef for ground turkey can be an easy way to make a meal a bit healthier for everyone in the family without vastly changing the taste or overall meal.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Most families have pizza as a mouthwatering staple; however, this certainly is not the healthiest meal. For families looking for a healthy alternative, you can substitute your flour crust for a cauliflower one. While this is a very different take on a classic pizza, it offers up a significantly healthier choice. You can make this a family affair by involving everyone in decorating the pizza with toppings, sauces. If you want to take this to the next level, you can even build personal size crusts where everyone makes their own creations.

Not as Much What You Eat as How You Eat

While it can feel like a consistent juggling act to keep your family healthy, you need to understand that while food is important, it is just as important spending time together eating as a family. Not only is this the perfect time to create deeper connections with your kids, but it also helps them build good habits and a healthy relationship with food. Don’t skip out on this key opportunity and make sure that you carve out time to sit down and eat dinner as a family.

Eating healthy is always a challenge, and finding the right recipes that include key nutrients is even harder; however, if you try these recipes, you will be sure to impress. If you use these recipes, you can have healthier options for some family favorites, enjoy each other’s company when enjoying these together and improve your eating experience and overall health.


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