5 Amazing Breakfast Creations


The same milk and cereal or eggs and bacon breakfast that you consume every day before work may be getting a little dull. Breakfast should provide energy for a busy day, but it can also be healthy and exciting. By varying your breakfast selections, you’ll avoid becoming tired of your first meal. The following breakfast creations are simple to prepare and provide a healthy alternative to the standard morning fare.

Granola, Yogurt and Green Tea

When you have a chaotic morning and find yourself running late, you may be tempted to skip breakfast at home and head for the nearby fast-food restaurant. Some restaurants have healthy breakfast options, but when you make breakfast at home, you’re in control of the fat, sugar, protein and calorie content of the food. Granola is an excellent source of protein that’s available in several varieties at grocery stores and is easy to make at home.

When you combine granola with your favorite yogurt, you have a balanced and delicious meal. Yogurt’s probiotic properties are beneficial to your stomach’s health, and it comes in low-fat, no-fat, and sugar-free varieties. To give you an added boost of morning energy, you can dissolve morning complete in a cup of green tea.

Breakfast Smoothies

For an alternative to the dreaded protein shakes, you can make smoothies with a blender or processor. The pre-made smoothies sold in supermarkets are often loaded with sugar and differ in texture and consistency from homemade ones. To blend a homemade smoothie, all you need is yogurt, fruit juice, a little ice and fruit. You can substitute sugar with honey for a sweeter drink, and you can add bee pollen, ginseng or green tea extract for additional energy. Experiment with different fruit combinations like blueberry and raspberry, strawberry and banana or pear and orange. In less than fifteen minutes, you can blend up a smoothie for your morning commute to work.

Frittata Muffins

For a meal loaded with protein, frittata muffins are a perfect breakfast item. After making a batch of muffins, you can refrigerate and serve them for up to four days by reheating them in a microwave or toaster oven. Frittatas are made of eggs, milk, cheese and any meat or vegetable of your choice. Some of the most favored combinations include ham and swiss, bacon and cheddar and spinach and prosciutto. It takes around 40 minutes to prep and bake frittata muffins, and they are best when they’re served warm. When you use a microwave, you only need to reheat refrigerated muffins for thirty seconds.

Sesame Zucchini Bread

If you’re tired of your breakfast toast and want to try something bold and delicious, you should try sesame zucchini bread. The bread gets its hint of citrus from fresh lemon juice and uses protein-rich walnuts and fresh zucchini to create a unique breakfast experience. The sesame coated bread is best when you toast it and serve with light cream cheese, butter or jam. You can also use the bread to make a breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, and tomato. The recipe for the bread takes a little over an hour to make and produces two miniature loaves, so you can enjoy one that you refrigerate while you freeze the other.

Scrambled Egg and Pita

Breakfast burritos have been a staple of fast-food restaurants for several years, but you can make a healthier, homemade version with scrambled eggs and pita bread. You can purchase different sizes and flavors of pita bread, and if you have a gluten allergy, you’ll find gluten-free varieties available online and in specialty grocery stores. For a healthy serving of greens, you can sauté spinach, broccoli or add fresh arugula to your pita wrap. No breakfast wrap would be complete without cheese, but instead of adding cheddar, you can try Havarti, feta, or goat cheese. It’s best to add the cheese last when the egg is fully cooked and stir the eggs until the cheese begins to melt.

When your first meal of the day becomes a tired routine, it’s important to alternate your breakfast selections and experiment with different combinations until you find the meals that you enjoy the most.


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