5 All Natural Meals for a Healthy Eater


Finding meals that taste delicious and help your body can be difficult. When eating healthy, you have to get creative and experiment with your food. So, here are five all natural meals for a healthy eater to try.

1. Stir Fry

Stir frying is an excellent method for someone looking to eat healthily and simply. Its technique involves chopping food into small bites and frying it on high heat in light oil. The frying bit may sound unhealthy, but using healthy fats makes up for this. Try using monounsaturated fats like almond oil and olive oil. Avoid butter at all costs. The great thing about stir fry is that it keeps out excess carbs, especially the bad ones in white flour and sugar. If you're a vegetarian you can use vegetables and tofu. Fish or meats can also be used. If you want to be extra healthy, avoid red and processed meats. You should also use excess vegetables no matter what. If the worry of harmful substances entering the body is on your mind, you may consider using a formula like Total Restore to strengthen your gut lining

2. Cashew Cream Soup

Finding healthy soups can be hard. Simply adding ingredients into a broth may not be appetizing to you. Creamy soups are delicious and difficult to replace. This is where cashew cream comes in handy. This cream is dairy free, but it has a similar texture and tastes delicious. It can be used in a multitude of soups, as long as you have a lot of cashews and a blending tool. While cashew cream may not have a marked difference in fat like regular cream, it contains a different type. Regular cream utilizes unhealthy saturated fats, whereas cashew cream involves better ones. These fats endanger your heart less than the former. Try cashew cream if you're watching out for heart health and want creamy soups.

3. Loaded Salads

Salads are always a good bet for healthy eating habits. You may not like the thought of trading a rich meal for a bowl of lettuce, but these foods don't have to be boring. Almost anything can go on a bed of greens. Feeling in the mood for Mexican tastes? Add beans, rice, and vegetables to your salad. Want something creamy? Add potato salad or avocados. Craving something hot? Add some cooked meat or tofu. Salads are extremely versatile meals. Like stir fry, they avoid harmful carbs found in flour. In fact, try eating flour only once a day.

4. Low Fat Noodles

Avoiding noodles, which are extremely popular, can seem entirely impossible. Luckily, you don't need to cut noodles out of your life. Yes, there are carbs in pasta, but if you use the right type and add healthy ingredients you'll have a well-balanced meal. Try looking into different types of noodles. 100% Whole Wheat pasta involves far less harmful carbohydrates. Rice noodles have less calories than pasta, although brown rice is better for your body. If you're trying to avoid either pasta or rice, try making or using vegetable noodles. These are essentially noodle-shaped vegetables, but the outcome is a great substitute. Noodles don't tend to factor into a meal's taste, so the vegetables won't affect your food too much. When it comes to using ingredients, stick with healthy fats and an abundance of greens. Spinach can be added into nearly any noodle dish, and it's substantially beneficial for your body. If you're craving healthy noodles, you can add a stir fry to some pasta.

5. Mashed Cauliflower

Potatoes are another food that's difficult to avoid. The vegetable isn't as bad as flour, but it tends to encourage overeating and it contains carbs. If you want to stop eating too much but still gorge on potato-like foods, you can turn to cauliflower. This is particularly prevalent for mashed potatoes. Steamed cauliflower blended with milk, oil and seasonings is a delicious substitute for the mashed meal. It also fills you up quickly, especially if you add vegetables like spinach.

Don't give up on healthy eating if it seems unappetizing. Try these meals and figure out how to make natural foods work for you. Happy eating!


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