Let The Sun Shine In...Now Dine


New Jersey, the Garden State by it's very nickname should signify what is central to food, dining, and restaurants within its borders serving ingredients fresh from the garden. Sitting between two food hubs, New York and Pennsylvania both known for great eateries New Jersey's location is in a good place. Today's discerning patrons desire a place to combine good food, atmosphere, and the opportunity to spend time with others set around a table. In New Jersey there are ample choices no matter the cuisine to receive a good, great or even exceptional meal.

The Garden Has Gone Green

The restaurant world consists of those who step up to challenges to maintain and exceed the norm by functioning in a progressive manner, like going green. The effectiveness of any eatery in today's society means there should be a direct concern for the establishment's footprint, the very space it takes up and how it efficiently uses that space.

Good Eats

The restaurant The Frog and The Peach situated in New Brunswick is such a gem undergoing a transformation while maintaining being a key favorite of the area. It has moved to inclusion of New Jersey solar energy versus traditional electricity by installation of 58 solar panels that provide twenty five percent of its electricity. Whether one chooses to dine at a booth or special niche up or downstairs you have made a great choice. If your fancy is to eat in a garden setting or spontaneously at the bar the food remains the same fresh, innovative, and satisfying.

The Frog and Peach restaurant has a sister location you can visit exit stage right and enter Stage Left restaurant. The updating and special attention paid to steak and wine menu cannot be overlooked here. The options in steak run the gamut of top dollar to more affordable and the satisfaction from either decision is not compromised. To finish the meal try the dessert toffee pudding, or chocolate cake. This eco- friendly farm and local driven establishment strives to put their faith in the environment solar powered and organic wherever possible utilizing the sun's energy to bring about 30 percent power.

Another Jersey fave is Steve and Cookies locally boasting a chic rustic decor and atmosphere while employing a solar initiative as well. The restaurant has floor to ceiling windows. Another feature is it's skylight that uses natural light to create that perfect ambiance. Steve and Cookies is busy on any night offering fresh options, great environment including jazz.

The Mix and Mingle

Now each of these favorite spots for conversation while breaking bread offer some things that many others have not sought to take up, going green. What does that mean for consumers who are so discerning? The desire to enjoy the experience of a good meal is often appreciated more when the environment is efficiently run, environmentally friendly, and uses local ingredients that are organic. When mixing those two aspects the value of dining becomes an investment that is worth the time and the cost. Restaurant like Eno Terra, Catherine Lombardi, and others are also on trend in the industry significantly noted in New Jersey Restaurant spots and other communities as well.

Dining in the Garden State is an opportunity to enjoy so many different cuisines. With the growth of farm to table fare mixed with elegance and responsible undertaking of environment utilization stemming from the solar or green initiative. The food tastes better and New Jersey has no one to thank but the restaurants that have taken up the mantle to move next level from sunshine to dine.