Will Surging Fresh New Sweet Popular Caramel Apple Stick?


Caramel and Apple — What a Discovery!

It all began when a Kraft Foods employee by the name of Dan Walker, decided to melt down leftover caramel candies from Halloween. The apples were dipped and the rest is history. The numbers enrich the story. When more than 50% of consumers demonstrate cravings, corporations notice. According to flavor company FONA International, caramel apple ranks as a cold beverage flavored item based on consumer feedback.

The pairing popularity does not end there. Food Giant, Kellogg’s plans to release a caramel apple flavored pop tart. General Mill’s Yoplait has already rolled out this flavored yogurt for their Greek 100 product line. Likewise, multiple distributors have already stocked shelves with caramel apple flavored coffee beans. The uniqueness of this little bit sweeter flavor is a hit in a variety of beverages.

Speaking of sweets, look for it in even more candy products too. Hershey’s has high hope for their Twizzler Twists filled with this signature filling. Popular hard candy company Werther’s was somewhat ahead of the game. They add this signature flavor to their line a few years ago. Caramel apple flavored lollipops have also become quite common in recent times.

How about a caramel apple salad?

Desserts recipes found here, concocted with this pairing, range from tarts to ciders and even a salad. Check out kitchme for the details. Note, to maximize the sweet vs. tart taste differential you may want to choose Granny Smith apples when working with this flavor. It does look like the possibilities are endless. Caramel apple egg rolls, anyone?

This more natural inspired flavor will undoubtedly have an expanded fan base. Will it become a true competitor overtaking chocolate with its 90% rating? We have no idea. The proof may lie in the apple, the poptart, or the latte, etc… Given the fierce competition for market place domination it’s an amazing feat of accomplishment to even be considered.

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