Will Powerful Fear Help Save The Earth Food Technology?


Will Taking Bugs Out Make Better Food Technology?

Food technology allows humans to maximize the potential of everything around us, especially the creepy crawlies of the Earth. When I was about eight years old my entire body, sans my head, was covered in hundreds of fire ants. The experience left me traumatized to the point that every bug and insect I see, even today, is my sworn enemy. Imagine my relief upon learning we can reduce their numbers by turning them into animal feed. That said, I personally wouldn’t mind if we could stop that buzz more permanently… Moving on, please don’t forget to download Kitchology’s Eat.Better app for all your dietary needs.

Grind them into dust or powder for animal feed, either works for me

Insect for feed is exactly as it sounds. By utilizing food technology, we are now capable of processing many creepy crawlies into a marketable product. When processed they become a viable food source for livestock and fish farms. We mentioned how overfishing was an issue earlier this week. Due to the substantial numbers of insects required to sustain livestock, some companies are attaining success at grinding and pulverizing them into dust. Umm, excuse the hint of glee in being able to say that.

French worms, not to be confused with French fries

Turns out the insect biz is crushing more than just bugs. Remember our coverage of several feed companies in the past? Ynsect, from France, wants to reduce our reliance on fishmeal using Tenebrio Molitor, otherwise known as mealworms. The company raises the worms from eggs to larvae before processing them into a viable food source for animals and fish. In just three years, the company was capable of raising over $35 million to further its cause.

Eat up, little fishies

Another company named Mad Agriculture (I love that name) produces protein packed insect food meal as an alternative to fishmeal. They feed insects food waste before wasting the insects themselves. Thus, they establish a sustainable alternative protein source as well as reduce waste production. Mad Agriculture has asked the FDA to approve their insect based food-meal for animals. By using more insect containing foodstuff, we can reduce our reliance on fish-based cornmeal and similar foods.

A leading world insect meal producer? My kind of hero.

This last company, Agriprotein, is on the path to world domination in this field. Fearing current sources will be unable to sustain long term consumption numbers the company flew into action. Their global work turning black soldier fly larvae into insect meal has earned them high recognition. Agriprotein made the 2017 Global CleanTech 100 list for their environmental contributions.

There you have it…Companies are doing their part to wipe out every last nasty sucker off the face of the Earth. I mean, using food technology, companies are working feverishly to find solutions that reduce our reliance on an impossibly difficult to sustain long term food supply. While we can’t kill every creepy crawly critter in the world overnight, we should at least try, right? If for no other rational reason, please do it for me and my near crippling fear of all that crawl.

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