Will Food Technology Shatter Energy Waste Expectations?


Will Food Technology Waste Fire Up More Power?

Food technology enables us to efficiently make use of our planet’s limited resources. In the 90’s, wry Captain Planet and his Planeteers sang some catchy theme songs. The series revolved around the adventures of a diverse group of friends who worked together to solve the world’s issues. They found what they couldn’t accomplish alone they could do as a team — all with the help of Captain Planet! Remember?…”He’s our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero!” Unfortunately, Captain Planet doesn’t exist. That’s why we all need to do our part and help the planet.

Going Beyond Waste Deep…

The series’ protagonists regularly combatted environmental pollution and the villains that threatened the delicate balance of mother nature. Food technology companies have created food waste machines that process data on the contents of a plant or actual waste. One such machine exists in Redmond Washington. WISErg, developed a process to capture landfill food scraps, such as bones and fruit cores, into nutrient rich fertilizer. The company intends to reduce the volumes of garbage found in dump sites. On the other hand, BioHiTech, located in New York, developed a device that transforms carbon based waste into an alternative fuel source. That same machine transforms plastics and food scraps into a nutrient rich water product. Finally, Oregon’s LeanPath created a machine that catalogs the contents of a dump or landfill. The machine then creates a solution to eliminate unnecessary waste, increasing the plant’s efficiency.

Hmm, Food Gas Into Energy…

These businesses won’t be fighting the battle against pollution alone for much longer… Jumping into the fray is Waste Management. This company’s strategy involves diverting waste to alternate treatment plants. Then, they process and transform the waste to use it in biogas production processes. They’ve dubbed this food technology Centralized Organic Recycling, or CORe for short. Essentially, microorganisms breakdown organic materials in the water, resulting in a methane gas byproduct useful for creating energy. The technology’s original purpose entailed combatting urban waste. The first treatment facilities launched in LA and New York respectively. Based on their success the next stop for this revolution is Boston Mass.

Food technology innovations continuously change the shape of our world. If we take our resources for granted then the waste we create will sully our beautiful planet. To keep the world bright, shiny and spinning we all need to pitch in and do our part. Individually, we might feel like our efforts won’t make a difference. But, working together there’s nothing we can’t accomplish! To paraphrase…’With our powers combined, we can save our planet, cause it’s the thing to do. The power’s ours’… Laugh now, but everyone and their mother knows this ditty from back in the day.
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