What Is The Latest Food Technology To Fan Innovative Flames?


Can Great New Food Technology Make Better Waste?

The science of today is quickly becoming the food technology of tomorrow. Add a dab of innovation and sprinkle sizable ingenuity on electronic components and look what happens. Newly created devices change how we perceive and interact with food. Nowhere was that more on display than at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) which recently took place in Las Vegas. Awesome just rose a few degrees with these hot new devices. Take a look at the cool ways to make your cook top and smartphones sizzle. Check out Kitchology’s Eat.Better app for more ideas and solutions.

Growing Commodities

How much is convenience worth to you? What if you could store away your pots and pans? What if you could use your cooking capable table with just a plate and cover instead? Welcome to Panasonic’s Flat-Top cooker. Using microwave technology, once covered, the plate begins heating food. Furthermore, Samsung wants to make sure you can surf the web, play music and order groceries from their Family Hub 2.0 smart refrigerator. Remember the earlier 1.0 model we mentioned last year? Well, this upgraded version is basically a smartphone integrated into a fridge.

Smaller Packages

Hungry for more? Food technology gadgets also come in smaller packages. Back in December we mentioned FoodMarble’s AIRE device that monitors food intake and determines which foods are causing indigestion or gas. The device, on display at the CES, busts out sometime this fall. Stay tuned. It should be a gas (pun intended)! Moving on…Want to see your calories as you’re consuming them? Don’t miss Lose It’s Snap It app for all the weighty details. If you want to monitor and control your calorie intake, this diet tracking app is already to be snapped up off of store shelves.

Cutting back

The CES was also tapped into the zeitgeist on food waste. It’s a big issue that won’t disappear on its own. But, maybe, with the help of products like Whirlpool’s Zera food recycler it will get better sooner. This indoor composter processes up to 95% of meat, dairy and other waste into quality fertilizer. Set for release later this year, Zera is said to get the job done easily and smell free. Want an alternative way to reduce food waste? Catch it before it expires with the Smarter Fridge Cam. Via a smartphone, the device monitors tracks your food stock’s expiration dates by taking photos and scanning bar codes letting you know when a particular food is reaching the time to go.

Sin city was sizzling and all-a-buzz with so many exciting upgrades to simplify our kitchens. Whether you wanted to whittle your waist or your other waste, it looks like there’s something for everyone sometime soon. The show maybe over and everything stored away but how much longer until we’re ready to eat again?

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