What Is The Best Insanity Food Technology?


Do All Great Minds Think Alike Sizable Food Technology?

Great minds of the past have surely influenced today’s innovators of food technology. Possibly our greatest thinker, Albert Einstein, believed insanity was repeating the same thing and expecting different results. In essence, he was emulating Darwin’s teachings. Neither of these ideas have fallen on deaf ears. More modern franchises are rallying behind the change can be good and adapting for survival is necessary concepts. Companies that may have once fallen behind are adapting in their own ways to best catch up to changing times.

Meet Denny’s newest breakfast wars weapon

For over half a century, Denny’s Diners has operated and served breakfast meals to patrons with notable success. With over 1500 restaurants nationwide, it’s evident they have a strong foothold in America. However, about three years ago, company higher-ups noticed reduced revenues and dropping stock prices. To combat their decline Denny’s began developing a new franchise recipe. They did away with the dry powder and water mixture and introduced a “fluffier” buttermilk option. Customers apparently like the change.
Industry consultants have weighed in declaring consumers have far too many options. They argue that companies need to modify or introduce new products, or they will likely fail.
Another corporate giant is tuned into this buzz…McDonalds, one of the largest franchises in the world has begun utilizing fresh hamburger patties instead of frozen ones. Testing started last year at their Dallas facilities. If all goes well, they will be able to compete with rival burger chains like In-N-Out Burger and Shake Shack. The latter two both offer fresh patties, while currently McDonalds does not. According to a company spokesperson, “rolling out fresh patties to [14,000 locations in the US] would no doubt be a huge undertaking,” but McDonalds executives seem to believe this is a step in the right direction.
Speaking of which, smaller franchises are also revamping their product lines in an effort to accommodate America’s changing ways. The demand for healthier alternatives and fresher ingredients in the world of food technology is evident among many of them. Carl Jr’s/Hardees has begun making their daily fresh biscuits using real buttermilk.

The Demand for healthier options continues…

Panera Bread, one of the first major franchises to jump on the natural food movement, is taking fresh even further. In 2014, they declared their intention to rid their entire menu of artificial ingredients by the end of this year. The company is on schedule with their goal. Currently, nearly 90% of their food is free from artificial ingredients. The rise in stock prices in recent quarters also reinforces the belief that customers want healthier options.
Innovation is the key to success. Growing and changing demands require food technology companies to adapt or fail. What was once acceptable and considered quality in the past is no longer considered satisfactory in the present. Einstein, who led the way to split the atom, left us with powerful ideas and philosophies that resonate through our lives. He taught us in clear concise terms the definition of insanity. Also, remember though…he himself forgot and once showed up at a dinner party without wearing pants.
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