Unlock Your Veggie Noodle Recipes Delivered in 30 Minutes or Less


But all of those good steps can be for naught if you focus on eating an over-abundance of unhealthy carbs and foods that are high in sugar and fat. Those will make you feel sluggish and will quite likely lead to weight gain.

So now think about vegetables and fruit: Increasing produce is one of the simplest ways you can use to improve your health and your cooking. But upping vegetables can feel like a more difficult healthful task to tackle. But there’s one idea that’s easy, tasteful, and nutritious, too: vegetable noodles.

Vegetable noodles are simply fresh produce that you transform into pasta. Of course, you might object—what can replace pasta, right? But vegetable noodles are remarkably adaptable to all sorts of dietary and recipe needs. And you can take nearly any time of firm vegetable and turn it into skinny or flat (or in-between) noodle-like shapes.

There’s another bonus, too: Most pasta tastes the same. But many vegetables turned into pasta have their own subtle flavors that adds to the dish. And you can use lots of flavorful veggies, from sweet potatoes to squash to really any firmer produce, so that you can boost your nutritional intake. And vegetable noodles can be made in a variety of plate-pleasing shapes, too.

You can invest in a simple spiralizer to create veggie noodles, or you can craft them using an inexpensive grater, too—a good step if you’re trying to figure out if these are for you or not. Ready for more ideas and recipes? Enjoy our tips in this graphic.

Guest post by Jessica Pyykkonen from the Ghergich a leading content marketing guru.