Is The Ultimate Highest Fermented Love Spreading?


Enthusiasm for fermented foods is hot right now. How far will you go for your, yes, bacteria added consumables? Would you pop up flash style at a “kraut mob”? Would you flock to a fermentation festival? Believe it or not these are real events. To answer your other question, yes, thousands are actually heading to them seeking new flavors and benefits of this ancient custom practiced globally. But, before you decide to just dive in with the crowd, do know there’s more to these little critters, aka lactic acid inducing bacteria, than meets the eye. For more fermented food recipes, check out Kitchology’s Eat.Better app for your dietary needs.

Too small to see, but tasty enough to notice.

So, first a few facts. No, I was just kidding before. It’s not actually possible to view these microscopic creatures with the naked eye. But, make no mistake. That sour taste in yogurt, sauerkraut and any other highly sought after fermented food is there for a metabolic reason. Recall this process in our previous article here. Also, yeast bacteria breaks down sugars to cultivate alcoholic beverages.

More are coming…

The list of fermented foods and beverages and where to find them is growing fast. Devotees of the Boston Ferments attract mafia (their word) bacteria mobsters at their annual festival. The biggest hit is crowd pleasing classic sandwich topper sauerkraut. That’s not to rule out the Land of the Rising Sun’s fermented soybean natto or their seasoned miso. Not to be outdone, eye watering Korean kimchi -watch the spice — and thirst quenching Chinese kombucha — watch the alcohol content — are also making a splash.

Bacteria helps the gut

Why all the fervor for fermented foods? It’s not just the flavor that’s driving people in droves to try them out. Reportedly, these foods actually do a body good. There is a cautionary note though. Only select bacteria strains have been tested and labeled as non-harmful to us humans. Scientists are careful to explain that while the gut benefits are real, they are best consumed in moderation. It’s hard to resist the benefits though. If prepared correctly fermented foods may help regulate metabolism and sustain the gastrointestinal tract all contributing to healthy weight maintenance. However, do note if you’re going to dip in that pond, strictly adhere to proven techniques and recipes to avoid scummy side effects.

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