Is Special Tested Personalized Food Technology The Best?


How Can Enormous Food Technology Delight Your Size?

Thankfully, we live in exciting times where the big food technology picture is constantly changing. More and more devices, services and discoveries are available to serve our every possible whim. Some future ones promise to satisfy on a deeply personal level too. Right now, you can satisfy your personalized dietary needs by checking out Kitchology’s Eat.Better app.

Let There Be Shorter Checkout Lines, Please!!

Food life in modern times is all about fast, here and now. Who better to exemplify that quest than Amazon! With their multi billion dollar purchase of Whole Foods’ 400+ stores the delivery giant has just significantly increased its ability to deliver on an unfathomable scale. Imagine! With all those physical store locations how much more storage space will they occupy? Get ready for faster checkout and pickup of more personalized online goods at nifty bargain prices. If anyone can deliver on all those promises, Amazon most likely can.

Proof Positive For Junk Food?

Meanwhile, while we’re all waiting for that exciting development, scientists are hard at work making the next piece of deeply personal food technology. Companies are using our DNA to create tailor made diets for each unique individual. Say, what? Can you imagine a world where every single bite you take is perfectly calculated to feed and sustain just your particular body? Look for this more than skin deep food technology to advance sometime well into the future.
From the shape of things looks like food technology is twisting and shipping itself into some uniquely brand new shopping aisles. With all the new information and resources can our old selves keep up? Progress sure might taste good but sometimes it’s nice to sit a spell with some well seasoned rib smackin’ barbecue, no? However, before you do, share your thoughts on this week’s # food technology right here @Kitchology and @Kitchenchchick123.