How Will Amazing Food Technology Wow Shoppers?


Is Exciting Revolutionary Food Technology Around The Corner?

How will food technology of the future shape our day? At the rate it's advancing today's food experience might be gone tomorrow. Are we now simply in the realm of the unrecognizable? Will the once familiar feel foreign and outdated? To take a gleam into the future and see where we're headed, read on. While you're at it you can chew on Kitchology's Eat.Better app too before you prepare your next meal.

"A Hands-Free Solution"

You know the old adage about wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well, sometime in the not too distant future you'll be able to wear your food choices on your actual wrist. Ready to go hands free? In this scenario, your special data collection watch tells you your nutrient needs for the day. CSIRO unveiled the plan recently at the Foodpro Expo in Sydney Australia. Meanwhile, once you've got it all calculated, you can use a 3D food printer to prepare a meal to those specifications dictated on your watch...How's that for precision timing?

You Can Touch This Button...

Don't have extra frequent flier miles to witness food technology at work in Australia? Fret not, fellow foodies. Looks like you won't have to look far beyond the corner to find major progress. Your local big chain grocery shopping is in the midst of its own Jetson's level makeover. According to the Institute For The Future's Food Futures Lab today's consumer is a decade away from becoming totally obsolete. Influential public opinion will alter the whole system, pumping out spectacularly brand new looking aisles -- the kind where fresh produce will be grown, picked and checked out all in one central location. Need some assistance in your "vertical farming unit"? Don't worry, an accessible "Produce Pro" can appear at the press of the button with this food technology. That's pretty amazing, right?

What an amazing food technology future to behold! All things considered, the fact that my special watch can tell me not just when to eat but what to eat too, the future's looking quite impressive. I mean, who doesn't value freshness, product transparency and personalized service? Considering I'm usually a get it on the fly kind of guy, maybe I'll remember to set my watch ahead to make sure I can factor in some extra time to digest and enjoy all these futurized shopping experiences.

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