How To Strengthen Our Food Technology Snack Obsession


Will More Surging Food Technology Guarantee Healthy Wages?

Sometimes you just never know where food technology is going to pop up and take you for a ride. You might find it making a healthy comeback in your favorite not so healthy snack. You might it creates a complete meal. Then again, you might find you’re a little strapped for cash when it literally replaces you. Confused? Read on for a sneak peek at these seeing is believing upcoming events. For a wealth of believable recipes download Kitchology’s Eat.Better app too.

A Very Veggie Snack

For awhile now, the public has been demanding that they want less fake food. Apparently, Nissan Foods has listened to its customers. When the request was for less sodium they answered that call in 2016. This time consumers asked for more vegetables. Food technology is enabling the company to fulfill that request too. Look for a new improved Cup Noodles more veggies product on the market sometime soon.

Table For Five, Please

If rehydrated veggie soup leaves you missing your Cheetos, fret not because apparently it’s what’s for dinner. Patrons in NYC were clamoring for a seat at the limited pop up Spotted Cheetah restaurant recently. This concept of Cheetos style restaurants, made possible through food technology, turns Fritos Lay snacks into a bunch of different dishes. It was inspired by a series of consumer posted recipes according to a company press release. Presenting the cheesy snack food in a more refined setting offers the company and consumers alike an opportunity to explore and have fun with the idea. Who’s up for more “Cheetos’ breaded fried green tomatoes”? Stay for dessert. How about a slice of “Cheetos Sweetos-crusted cheesecake”?

Is it Really the End of the Line?

Like it or not, the advent of fast approaching food technology impacts the economy. When 10% of the current job market is at stakes it bears keeping a closer eye on the changes in consumers’ retail shopping habits. Have you noticed? Cashiers are on the decline; robotic arms can stock inventory. What does it mean as a bunch more companies branch into experimental digitized checkout ideas and contraptions? The swing toward total automation is already underway. A store in Seattle removes checkout lines, allowing shoppers to charge it, leaving the store, goods in hand. Wonder what security looks like in that operation? This mass production concept isn’t on fast forward yet…

It looks like food technology can make snacks taste better and easily find a place in our food palette too. Still, to find how well we’ll weather more of it, that economic forecast is still on the cloudy side. But, there’s no stopping progress, right? Share your thoughts on this week’s #foodtechnology @Kitchology and @Kitchenchick123.