How To Overcome Your Diet Fears By Eating More Cake


Can Eating More Genuine Excellent Cake Improve Your Healthy Diet?

Turns out it’s a piece of cake to satisfy your sweet tooth and your diet. In fact, according to new research, healthy indulgence is not only possible, it’s an actual piece of cake. Get where this train of logic is headed? Smart ingredient swaps go a long way toward helping you stay fit and sexy. Who doesn’t want a little love and cake too? Check out this fantastic news to help keep your diet, weight, and sugar crashes in check.

I think we all can agree too much sugar is not good for us. It keeps the weight on. Plus, we get that post-consumption crash leaving us drowsy. Honestly, the same standard applies to any dessert containing sugar. That little piece of cake might not be news to our ears. This is true because we want our baked goods to taste chock full of sugary flavor. But, we can swap out the non-natural sugar with healthier alternatives and still have that cake.

Check out some natural more wholesome sugary flavors. There’s maple syrup, coconut sugar, molasses and even honey. They are just as tasty and are well suited to baking. Plus, according to Dietician Laura Forwood, low glycemic choices won’t spike your blood sugar as readily making them healthier than processed sugars.

Of course, flour, is another key component of baked goods. Is your mind on automatic pilot with this one? Do you invariably reach for the package of refined white on the shelf? Well, there are a slew of more wholesome choices out there. Almond flour and buckwheat contain vitamins and minerals, helping you keep an eye on your diet and waistline too. In particular, the former’s loaded with healthy fats, Vitamin E, and proteins. Another option is oat flour. That one has high fiber levels to reduce bad cholesterol in our bodies. Consider adding poppy, flax or chia seeds to your baked goods too. They also increase the fiber and protein levels without damaging your diet.

The days are getting shorter and the holidays are rapidly approaching, What does that mean? More thematically appropriate baked goods will be cooling on counters before you know it. One prime example is fruit cake. This is one of those too much of a good thing is not actually good cases. Instead of using a lot of calorie laden dried fruit, use fresh choices. In fact, Forwood recommends using vegetables like courgettes (zucchini to you and I) and beetroots instead of or as well as fruit. What an incredible opportunity to improve a tasty treat!

Looks like it’s time to live a little and bake a cake or two. As you’ve just seen, you can have your cake and eat it too without ruining your diet. All it takes is a little innovation and some smart thinking. Fortunately for you, Kitchology’s already done the work for you. Download the handy Kitchology mobile app, cause when you know better, you decide better. Eat.Better with us; it’s a piece of cake. Share your thoughts @Kitchology and @Kitchenchick123.