How To Make Christmas Dinner Remarkable With World Cuisine


A Special Sampler To Compare World Christmas Dinner Opportunities

Christmas dinner brings together fellowship, maybe a few presents, and lots of food. For some, the latter weighs in heavily. When we start talking about specific global traditions, the conversation really turns meaty, or is it fishy...The proof may lie in the pudding. For fun, we thought we'd romp around the world sampling what different countries will be dining on over the holidays.

What will you be eating this year?

Here in the US we have adopted many Christmas traditions from other nations. These may hail from the UK, further east, west, south or north. Who's having a roast turkey with stuffing, a ham or maybe both? Who prefers beef or goose? Some of us include oysters, ham pie, perhaps even ribs. Favorite sides include: brussels sprouts, carrots, honey-glazed parsnips and roast potatoes.

My traditional Christmas celebration includes dining with English friends. Our feast includes all of the above mentioned Christmas fixings and Yorkshire Pudding. Check out some great recipe ideas at Revenge of the Sunday Roast with Bliss.

Romping around a glorious Christmas dinner world sampler...

Australia closely resembles English UK flare with perhaps meats such as ham, turkey and chicken, often served cold with cranberry sauce. Let's not forget barbecued seafoods, such as prawns, lobster, oysters and crayfish. Their dessert may include pavlova, trifle and fresh seasonal fruit.

The French regions of Canada will enjoy réveillon. This long dinner typically includes: roast turkey with chestnuts or roast goose, oysters, foie gras, lobster, venison and various cheeses. The non French regions are much like the US, desserts are pumpkin or apple pie, Christmas pudding and fruitcake. Eggnog is the beverage of choice.

The French experience le réveillon de Noël that includes Foie gras. The dinner ends with 13 dessert items, representing Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles. Desserts are traditionally set out Christmas Eve and remain on the table for three days until December 27.

The global sampler of Christmas dinner continues

Portugal's spread includes dried and salted codfish. These are enjoyed served with boiled cabbage, potatoes and various other vegetables.

Germany will serve roast goose or roast carp, pig or duck. Also, check out Serviettenknödel a dish made from old bread, eggs and onions. Its larger size gives it a stronger flavor and a lovely texture.

Italians include a first dish soup made with filled pasta in a meat or capon broth. Northern regions then serve a meat course, stuffed than roasted or billed and seasoned with sauces like mustard. To the South, their meal will include fried capon, eel or roast lamb.

Philippines follow a pre-hispanic tradition known as Noche Buena. Cured pork is served with a dinner staple -- a ball of edam cheese called queso de bola. This is often accompanied by pasta. Brazil serve their feast on December 24. The meal's focus is platters of ham, roast turkey, and in some parts, roast pork and fish. Highly garlic seasoned kale, Brazil nuts, rice, fresh salad, potatoes salad and fruit are served with it. For dessert, expect lemon tart, nut pie, chocolate cake and panettone.

Poland favors a meatless feast known as Wigilia. Look for 12 dishes including: cuffed or fried carp; herring in wine or cream sauce; fruit compote; vegetable salad; beetroot, mushroom or fish soup, boiled potatoes, sauerkraut and makowiec. For something completely different -- the Japanese might enjoy a little KFC.

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