How To Embrace The Chill With Holiday Mint


Cooking with mint’s a breeze, pun intended. There’s a chill in the air and believe it or not, a chill in the tummy’s a great compliment to that. Originally, mint was used for its alleviating properties in Asia and the Mediterranean. Now, it’s basically synonymous with every holiday dessert or confection. It also goes well with the main event, with meat and side dishes. Whether you prefer it paired with squash or even feta, there’s no shortage of mint options during the holidays.

First, walk with me down candy cane lane. The confection appeared in stick form in the mid 1800’s. The hooked version we hang on trees took a little while longer to invent. The sugar, water and corn starch based recipe became a house staple. Now, though, since times have changed so to is the beloved candy cane. Natural food companies are searching for ways to tweak the recipe to keep up with folks on restrictive diets. Here’s an all-natural candy cane recipe for health conscientious individuals. A little bit of cranberry or beet juice can go a long ways towards making a homemade holiday classic. Don’t have the time to make your own? Check out companies like TruJoy Sweets for an organic option.

A number of mint based snacks and desserts are so popular during the chilly months too. One list of options is longer than the next. TasteofHome offers some popular items ranging from chocolate and peppermint biscotti to peppermint red velvet cake. MidwestLiving has an inviting peppermint layer cake and homemade peppermint marshmallows on their extensive list. How about peppermint ice cream stuffed cream puff profiteroles from delish?

Getting a tooth ache just thinking about it all? Looking for something a little more substantial? Check out creative options from Huffington Post here. Dishes like brussels sprouts with mint or a pesto using pistachios will perk up your table and satisfy you from the inside out.

It seems that mint goes well with anything. So, chase that chill with chilling mint for some fun baking and cooking experiences. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on mint @Kitchology or Kitchenchick123.