How to Check Your New Online Lover


Scammers on dating sites steal huge amounts of money every year. Dating sites became a place for their illegal affairs. As soon as someone registers a new profile, scammers begin to work with them to take their money. Sometimes, scammers work alone, but usually, they create big networks. Pretty often, you can see that one person may work from several accounts. Most often, they write to those why are new to online dating and are not familiar with the negative aspects of international dating.

Usually, scammers pretend to be Eastern-European. Often, scammers are not Russian or Ukrainian but Americans or Europeans with a Google translator (they translate English into Russian and back) and Wikipedia.

Good dating sites (you can look for one at romancecompass scam) specifically forbid their clients to send money. For a request to send money, you may get a warning. If you continue to extort money, then they will permanently ban your account. But those methods are not perfect, and scammers are flourishing. We recommend you not to waste your time and check your online partners before they manage to fool you.

You can check his or her photos via Google. Usually, frauds use random photos from the network because beautiful women attract more attention. You need to try to find accounts with similar photos but different names. But the simplest and fastest way to find out if your partner is a real person or not is to ask him or her to send you a special photo. For example, you may ask them to write something on paper and take a photo with this paper. A real person won't refuse you, and fraudsters won't be able to do this, so they will call it nonsense.

Check for his or her account in the scam lists. Try to google “blacklists of brides,” “list of frauds.” You will find a lot of interesting information on the very first page. See if there is any mention of the woman you are talking to. Scammers usually use unique accounts for each fraud, but there are lazy ones among them.

Read other people's experiences on the Internet. Use various forums to learn more about this topic. Pay close attention to the people’s comments because usually, they share their stories there. Forums are useful for men who want to find a wife from abroad.

Did you find some anti-plagiarism programs? If the answer is yes, then you need to insert her first letter there. Normally, scammers are too lazy to write unique texts all the time, so they use the same text many times. They can also copy the template letter from the forum about scammers, hoping that you won’t bother with the search for plagiarism. The anti-plagiarism program will detect if this text has already been used somewhere on the Internet. Pay attention to the sources of the original text.

Call a girl via Skype or use some other video chat. In 90% of cases, scammers will refuse. She simply doesn’t have enough resources for this because she talks to many other men at the same time. Besides, on Skype, it is next to impossible to hide that photographs posted on the questionnaire don’t resemble reality. It is hard to find a reason why you refuse to chant through a video call, so if your new partner refuses to connect with you, then say him or her “Farewell!”

Pay attention to the facts of his or her profile and letters. There will be inconsistencies on the scammer’s page because she has a lot of “you,” and she is only one; this is why she can’t check messages. For example, she says that she lives in a large house, but in the video, you can only see a very cramped chamber. Or she writes that she has a house and owns a big black dog, but the next day she says that she owns a small white cat.

Be very careful when using dating websites because you may lose your money even without sending it to anyone. Imagine that a woman made an appointment for you, but she didn’t come to it. One of the most popular ways of scamming is when she invites you to visit her. You arrive in her country, but she never comes to this date.