How To Challenge True Meat Food Technology


An Astonishing Food Technology Powerful Truth Revealed

Something astonishing is going on in the food technology meat world. As beef consumption continues to tumble — over 40% in the last 4 decades — more meat like plants bleed and more meat is growing in labs. No, this is not an alternative fact new world order. The numbers don’t lie. More people are shunning meat while searching for the meat-y experience. Why is this happening? Could it be they value meat’s nutritional benefits or maybe they just like it. Either way, companies are increasingly tapped into the new market demand. Meanwhile, don’t neglect to check out Kitchology’s Eat.Better app for a whole variety of tastes.

Shock Free Jerky

Believe it or not, Power Plant jerky won’t shock you in the literal sense. It may bowl you over with its incredible beef taste from this eggplant based alternative though. The California food technology start-up founded by Paul Sprangers has been experimenting with small batches of the plant based jerky for over a year. Other flavor varieties include sweet sriracha and the traditional barbecue too. The easy to digest eggplant based jerky provides plenty of energy as well as fiber and nutrients too. Spranger believes his jerky’s success relies on matching a close resemblance to the other one.

Petri Dish Chicken

How about a lab grown chicken that bears an uncanny resemblance to its flesh based friend? Beyond Meats recently unveiled the slightly more spongy product that apparently tastes just like the real thing. Quite frankly, since it’s grown from animal cells, it’s good to know it tastes like chicken. The company rolled out duck and orange sauce at the same venue. Price production still needs to drop before making it more palatable to the public. Who knows? We might all be eating lab grown chicken as soon as 2021.

More Bleeding Plant Burgers

While lab grown meat isn’t currently on the market, Impossible Foods has already introduced it’s bleeding plant burger in eight restaurants. They are truly on a roll! If CEO Pat Brown has his way, before 2018, we can expect one million of his special burgers a month! This ambitious plan involves the construction of a city block sized factory. Environmentalists need not fret either! The company’s product can be made with 5% of the land required to yield meat.

Faux meat is up! Real meat is down! Facts are facts. How far into the future will we continue to tip the scales? Will there be a point where real becomes fake and fake becomes real? Bite into this meaty #food technology discussion @Kitchology or @Kitchenchick123.