How To Best Help Food Bars Soar In Space


Can Little Food Bars Better Soar Crammed In Big Space?

Willy Wonka intended to make three course meal food bars. However, the formula proved to be too unstable. In fact, Miss Beauregarde turned violet when the blueberry pie portion of the meal went terribly wrong. So, maybe ignorance is not bliss and food bars can be filling and beneficial when you’re on a mission. Today’s post focuses on the latter half. NASA scientists have created high protein bars for astronauts to consume on the Orion spacecraft. Essentially, they’ve accomplished what Wonka couldn’t and made meals in smaller package possible. It’s not gum, but close enough. For all your non NASA scientist created food needs, check out Kitchology’s Eat.Better app.

The Spacecraft

Barring the ability to create a meal from a fictional gumball making machine, scientists opted for something a little more real for NASA’s new deep space explorer. But, for them to really go the distance — all the way to Mars, by the way — their spacecraft also had to sustain both multiple astronauts and their entire supply of food bars as well.

The Food Supply

Wouldn’t it be truly amazing to squeeze a full meal into a gum ball? The real world herculean size task set before NASA scientists was almost as challenging. They needed to create high protein, nutritious, easy to transport food bars. Oh, and they had to be compressed enough to minimize how much space the bars would take up while the astronauts were space bound and back too. That’s why they opted for high calorie — 700-900 per bar — creations capable of producing no waste, enabling the crew to eat hearty and stay safe for the duration. Somehow scientists managed to make them tasty too. Check out their unique recipes like barbeque nut, orange cranberry, banana nut with more flavors on the way.

Hopefully, these astronauts won’t be missing roast beef or turkey dinners too much on their extended trip. However, they will be enjoying something close to Willy Wonka’s three-course meal gum ball. Honestly, these astronauts have it pretty good compared to their predecessors who ate tubes filled with food and freeze-dried powders. Considering how slow space travel is, personally, I’d choose barbequed nut food bars over meat paste any day of the week. That’s a good thing seeing as the question “are we there yet?” doesn’t really work when the destination is millions of miles away.

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