Has Sizable Expert Food Technology Suddenly Landed In The Present?


Does Smart Food Technology Match An Unparalleled Made Up World?

Food technology is moving along at a record clip. In fact, today’s smart gizmos are looking a lot like William Hanna and Joseph Barbera’s vision presented in the 1960’s tv show the Jetson’s. We may still be half a century out from that realized future, but we’re starting to adopt their lifestyle. From virtual reality food technology to smart kitchens, their future is fast approaching. Actually, in some ways, it’s already here.

Did you catch an earlier post when we asked Can Food Technology Magic Answer The Secrets Of The Universe? There, food technology cameras are using spectral analysis to combat food waste. In addition, a futuristic utensil helps people lose weight by tracking their calories. Did you also notice a hi-tech device that virtually replicates foods’ flavors and textures? In short, while we’re not watching the Jetson’s VR television, we are recreating aspects of their daily life.

Is Your Oven As Smart As June’s?

How about that meal vending machine that fed the Jetson’s? How far away are we from that concept now that June’s smart oven is testing on the market? This convection oven recognizes your food and cooks it an appropriate amount of time. Also, it has an internal camera to monitor food and suggest cooking instructions. You’ll probably be pleased your smartphone can track this smart-oven’s heating process. Also, it learns from previous cooking experiences.

Clean Your Meat With UV Light!

Looking back, Hanna-Barbera’s iconic series envisioned a clean healthy futuristic world. Looks like we still have some work to do in the next 50 years. Studies show nearly 25% of short shelf life meat products on the market become inedible before consumption. Maybe, antimicrobial packaging can keep packaged meats uninfected. The German Federation of Industrial Research Associations funded a research project to develop a new approach to keep packaged meats sterile. They’re creating a UV or IR like food technology device that both treats meats and maintains their quality.

A Hope For Passing Less Gas…

In the health realm we may clearly be dialed into the Jetson’s reality zeitgeist. Diagnostic devices appear to be the wave of the future. Today, companies design food technology gizmos that track and process internal information. In fact, FoodMarble’s AIRE disgestive tracker determines which foods cause indigestion and bad gas. Install the app on your smartphone. A portable diagnostic device pinpoints the offending foods saving you much of the expense of a doctor’s visit. Established baseline readings also increases the device’s information accuracy.

Overall, it’s pretty incredible how close we’ve come to the Jetson’s world vision. We’re now approaching futuristic devices that resemble fictional food technology from the 1960’s. Hanna and Barbera’s legacy continues to influence us even to this day. How much farther along we will be in 2062 is still to be determined. Maybe, posted speed limits still won’t be 2500 mph, but, surely this world will be a better place thanks to an iconic duo and their encompassing vision