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Thanksgiving has passed I have a lot of leftovers. Of course, that usually means turkey stock soup and sandwiches into the foreseeable future. I prefer that my family look forward to their turkey dish of the day so I searched online for inspiration. Good News! I found some innovative leftover recipes including several casserole fusions.

First find is turkey pot pie, actually one of the most popular post turkey day dishes. Lots of them are listed, from topped with standard, “roll-out” pie crusts, to gluten-free versions as well. Check out this one from Pillsbury using their Gluten-free pie dough. This one offers flexibility in the types of leftovers, including canned, or frozen vegetables too, you can add along with a can of soup mix. Pop it into the oven, and presto, it’s done. The recipe works well with either chicken or turkey and accommodates those leftover side vegetable dishes too.

Visit “Day-After Turkey Soup” by the Food Network. This is a great, easy to follow recipe that uses up the leftover turkey carcass as well as the turkey meat, some veggies like green beans, or sweet potatoes. Add some small shaped pasta and fresh herbs to enhance the texture and flavor. Also, take a look at Turkey Chile with Kale

Or a casserole found at recipe gallery. This recipe incorporates unsalted butter and low-sodium broth into this recipe makes it perfect for those watching their salt intake. If you have already made broth control the amounts added. If you’re looking to cut down on fat, use only the white meat.

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