Food Allergy Survival Blueprint


How’s your food allergy approved meal shaping up for the big food day of Thanksgiving? Here are some guidelines to help you get through the day…

  1. Identify what you can and cannot eat.
  2. Don’t tempt fate by getting sick. You don’t really want to spend Thanksgiving in the ER, right?
  3. Change your old favorite recipes with food compliant ingredients.
  4. Heading to someone else’s home for the big day? Then, offer to bring your own food.
  5. Explore your taste buds… If you have a dairy allergy, for example, choose a dish that’s equally delicious and safe too.
  6. Select healthy choices that includes others. Start with healthy greens. Many green salads are food allergy friendly.
  7. Go for the gluten free turkey. Many turkeys offer broth/dressing that contain wheat, which may be dangerous to some.
  8. Omit the gravy packet (which typically includes wheat). Make your own gravy from scratch using “safe” ingredients.
  9. Prepare mashed potatoes cream and butter free. Replace dairy with chicken broth, rice milk, olive oil and salt and pepper.
  10. Use wheat-free bread for stuffing.
  11. Opt for ‘natural’ desserts such as fruits. Many fruits are safe for those with food allergies.
  12. Use labels this way, people know the allergens in it, and will stay away if they have an allergy.