Can Timely Food Technology Warm Up With Cold Rewards?


How Can Expert Food Technology Make Survival Real?

Food technology has the ability to make the impossible possible. Some great minds have dedicated themselves to solving perplexing problems. Can we accurately track the shelf life of products in real time and grow crops in a frozen tundra? Can all this brain power institute the means to finding real life solutions? Every invention, big and small, impacts our world. Kitchology’s Eat.Better app gives users access to plenty of recipes and ideas to impact our meal choices.

Finding the right time faster...

Sometimes important information arrives a little too late. One solution involves making data available at all times and in real time. To address this issue, Marine Harvest has been experimenting with smart labels. Basically, by integrating an indicator into product labels, the company is revolutionizing how we monitor and handle the shelf life of foods. This smart label technology vigilantly tracks the temperature of refrigerated and frozen foods minimizing our exposure to potentially harmful products. Whenever a food’s internal temperature is lowered, the clock is ticking. In a sense, Marine Harvest is giving us a timer.

Even Tundras Need Tomatoes

Speaking of cold, some parts of the world are so cold life barely breathes. While Siberia does have inhabitants, they do not grow much in that rock solid ground. The Hokkaido Corporation, based out of Japan is looking for ways to warm things up. Their frozen tundra proof greenhouse grows crops even in unimaginably forbidding conditions. A series of thin rubber films with thermal insulation seal the greenhouse from the harsh elements. This is no small feat. Winter temps in that region average around 50 below Celsius.

With real time shelf life tracking and frost proof greenhouses, we are slowly making progress toward thawing out solutions to plaguing problems. A step is a step when it's in the right direction. Steps can be hard to come by especially when you're trying to solve the impossible.

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