Announcing News That Will Give You More Hunger


Will This Disturbing Report Satisfy Your Tested Hunger?

You ate to satisfy your hunger. Plus, your meal had a bunch of calories. Are you thinking you should have eaten sensibly instead of gorging on empty calories? Then, you would feel fuller, right? Well, wait a minute before you grab that ready made diet conscious prepared meal. A new study is out and there could be a conflict afloat. Apparently, there may not be a link between number of calories consumed and fullness. In fact, the results may force us to reexamine how market food is developed and how to prevent health issues too.

Obesity is a big problem!

You don’t have to look far to find overweight individuals and/or obesity in America. The latest stats shows over 2 out of 3 fit into this category. A person’s weight changes based on a number of factors. A significant one is energy imbalance. When we consume more calories than our body burns from physical activities, we gain weight. Men and women both have recommended calorie intake numbers. A slew of companies developed ready to eat meals to accommodate those recommended numbers. Now, we’re learning these meals might fall short of their purposeful goals.

Should we maybe reevaluate diets and weight gain?

In fact, in this study less than 10% of the cases examined showed a direct correlation between calorie intake and hunger. Given those numbers, should we maybe reevaluate diets and weight gain? Until then, the market is flooded with diet friendly hunger altering products. Current view is to help individuals reduce calorie intake. The study conveyed how an individual may eat a larger meal later, despite eating a special meal beforehand. In a catch 22, hunger modifying products were created to squelch that hunger. Hmm.. maybe we need new products with a better understanding of weight gain?

Interesting to learn we may not know that much about calorie intake, right? In case you’re interested the study referenced is called Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. Looks like more in-depth research is needed to address these weighty issues. Is all this talk about hunger making your tummy rumble? How are you going to satisfy it?

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