4 Sugar-Free Christmas Sweets Recipes to Bake This Holiday Season


With the Christmas Season here, I’m sure you’ve put a lot of thought into what gifts you’re getting for your friends and family this Christmas. And if you’re a foodie or baking junkie like I am, you’re probably going to be whipping up batches of Christmas sweets to send to your loved ones this holiday season.

But of course, there’s nearly always at least one family member that can’t have sugar. Whether it’s because they’re diabetic, or simply trying to shed a few pounds, they’re trying their best to stay away from sweets, and the Christmas season is a trying time for them.

So, instead of being stuck between either making it worse or leaving them out, why not try a few of these sugar-free Christmas sweets recipes? I’ve found a few I’m going to be trying out this Holiday season that I thought I’d share with you, so take a look!

Peppermint Bark Cups

These scrumptious dark chocolate cups are made using peppermint candy canes that are made with organic brown rice sweetener instead of sugar. The recipe only has ingredients, so it’s a quick and easy option if you’re pressed for time.

Almond Cream Cutouts

These are an interesting alternative to Christmas cookies, although you’ll want to make sure the almond paste you buy is sugar-free or it kind of defeats the purpose. You can also substitute most of the icing recipes (located under the “tips” section) with xylitol, which you generally don’t have to change the measurements for (1 cup of sugar is equal in sweetness to 1 cup of xylitol).

Cranberry Walnut Cookies

These drop cookies are made festive with their little red cranberries and will look great sitting near the Christmas tree, waiting for Santa to drop in and deliver presents!

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Bars

Dark chocolate and salt is pretty much one of my favorite combinations ever. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a salted chocolate fan like I am, you’ll love this recipe!

Are you going to try any of these recipes? Or do you have your own sugar-free Christmas sweets recipes you're going to bake this year? Let us know in the comments below!