You Are What You Eat: How Your Diet Affects Your Body


Eating well and positively is very important not only to all individuals, but to all living things. Food is an input to the body which in turn produce both physical and internal output. Eating a balanced diet in good proportion is an excellent way of maintaining strong and boosting a healthy living. Below are the description of food impact in an individual’s life;

Strength for physical activities: To stay fit and physically stable on a day-to-day activities, a good balanced diet with the right amount of energy producing foods such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats giving foods are required, not having these foods in one’s diet can affect an individual’s physical capability, can in turn make one very lazy as a result of having a feeling of weakness in the body to participate or perform normal daily activities like every other person.

Mental reasoning: Eating the right combination of foods alongside plenty of water, can have a great impact on the brain’s functionality and improve the way an individual reason. Eating a well-balanced diet helps the brain to produce new healthy cells and improve great motor skills such as ability to remember or recall quickly, good calculative thinking, staying focus and ability to remain calm and comprehend well.

Helps with life expectancy: Life expectancy can be linked with the kind of food we eat. Even though everyone is bound to leave the earth surface someday, eating healthy and rich balance diet can promote the lifespan of an individual. Eating a balanced diet, especially foods rich in vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates can boost one’s longevity on earth

Good looking and self-confidence: The food we eat can affect our body either positively or negatively, eating a balanced diet is good for a sound and healthy looking individual, when you give your body good food, it shows up in your skin and physique which in turn boost one’s self confidence and improving good mood. Eating good food can make one look even younger as the reverse can cause one to look malnourished and even cause an old or frustrated looking appearance. Foods rich in carbohydrates helps to increase the secretion of a natural attitude controller in the brain called serotonin, this hormone help makes one feel good, buoyant, calm, boosting self-confidence and a feeling of energy.

Sleep well: Sleep has a whole lot to do with a good and sound health. Inability to eat a well-planned good and well balanced diet can affect one’s sleep. Not sleeping well can affect one’s productivity, mental reasoning, calming and even one’s strength or physical ability. Eating good combination vitamins, proteins and rich-fiber carbohydrates giving foods can help relax the body boost a sound satisfying sleep. Wrong choice of food can affect one’s sleep negatively and can be dangerous to the brain if one doesn’t sleep. And then you may wake up and find that your hair is all twisted and tangled. Have you ever wondered what causes tangled hair? You probably thought it was just because you lie on it at night, but there are many more reasons why, in fact. You can help prevent some of that by changing how you treat your hair.

Benefit of eating good food cannot be overemphasized, balanced diet includes carbohydrates, protein, fats and oils, vitamins and minerals including water, these food groups are essential nutrients needed by the body at a certain proportion or quantity. The food we give our bodies are fuel/gas it needs to function properly, the right food combination help our body to perform actively and properly, what we eat, is what the body uses to grow and perform all cellular and life activities; what you eat will determine your state of health as either healthy or malnutrition. Unnecessary illnesses or inability to heal/recover from illness or injury can be a result of not eating well. Remember good combination of foods help to combat cardiovascular diseases! Also remember, you are the output of what you eat, good output, such as all that has been discovered above means you’re eating well and the reverse could mean, you are not doing your assignment well as regarding foods.

Tips on good food you should eat

  • Vitamins giving foods such as fruits and vegetables

  • Carbohydrates: whole grain foods

  • Protein foods: such as dairy, poultry, seafood, beans, leguminous foods, nuts and so on.

  • Fats and oils giving foods are also essential and at a minimal or right proportion is very important.

  • Ensure to consume your food in right quantity and if possible cook food yourself, this helps to ensure you’re eating good and rich food.


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