Will Wonderful Purple Foods Make You More Attractive?


Promising New Growth For Emerging Proven Purple Foods

People want more purple foods in their lives. In medieval times it was the sought after color. In fact, the less affluent would comb fields and forests in search of plants to dye their clothes the recognized hue of rich royalty. Centuries later, people are still clamoring for purple foods. This time, though, research bears it’s for their ripe nutritious oxidant packed value. If youth retention and fighting disease through foods interests you, then read on. Moreover, don’t forget to download Kitchology’s Eat.Better app.

Longevity and Immortality Are Not The Same Thing

Let’s clarify something right now; purple foods aren’t a trip to the Fountain of Youth. Eating them will not make you step closer to immortality. That said, they are naturally healthy and do provide a bevy of benefits. Studies have shown a food’s color can be indicative of its nutritional level. Basically, darker purple yields healthier food. Given today’s consumers’ obsession with everything health related, this new information will only serve to fuel purple’s increased popularity.

You Can Still Add Butter

The only caveat with this highly desired quest is it may take awhile to latch onto them. For instance, purple corn primarily grows in the Peruvian Mountains. Needless to say, you may not find it in your local grocery store. Given that its healthier than its more regional counterparts you may want to extend your hunt online or check out specialty stores that cater to unique discriminating palates.

That Superfood

Some purple foods are chock full of beneficial characteristics like acai berries. They are extremely heart healthy as well as capable of improving blood circulation and preventing clots. In addition, they are often a listed ingredient on weight loss and slimming pills. While the jury is still out on whether the fruit really aids weight loss or not, studies have proven consuming them is not dangerous.

More Sweet Options

While your scouting for deep hues be sure to include digestion aiding purple sweet potatoes on your shopping list. Just like their orange cousin, this healthy variety is covered in spuds. Moreover, the purple version, also known as Okinawan potatoes, have characteristics that prevent inflammation.

Another Thing The Romans Gave Us

One of these purple foods originated in Italy. Baths weren’t the only thing the Romans nailed. They also utilized purple asparagus for its effective laxative properties. Moreover, it’s rich in vitamins K, A, and C. Studies have shown that vitamin b, also present, improves nails, skin and hair giving it yet another benefit.

It’s Not From The Forbidden City, I think

Remember when I said some purple foods are hard to find? Forbidden rice also falls into that group. However, given that black rice (an alias), is rich in vitamin E, iron, and contains six times the amount of antioxidants as its brown and white friends it may be worth the extra effort to find it. Studies have shown that blueberries, the ideal antioxidant food, might contain lower levels than black rice. Known for its mild nutty flavor, forbidden rice also provides heart healthy benefits.

What was once deemed valuable and highly sought after is that once more. In medieval times, the color purple was reserved for the upper class. In modern times, purple foods are gaining favor with everyone. It’s nice to know they not only make you look good, but that they make you feel better about looking good too. How important are #purple foods to you? Share your thoughts with us @Kitchology or @Kitchenchick123.


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