What Can I Do To Improve My Cooking Health?


Improve Your Health With Healthy Cooking Techniques

No matter what level of health we are on, we are always looking to sharpen and hone our health and nourishment. Changing the food we are eating is one of the most influential aspects to taking the next deeper step in health. Depending on how those foods are cooked and prepared also has a huge influence on the amount of nutrients available and absorbed. Here we are going to discuss multiple techniques to improve your cooking health. Understanding how we prepare our food can be so impactful when we are trying to achieve optimal health through our food and prep sourcing.

Cooking Oils and How To Use Them

Many times when we are cooking food recipes call for starting with an oil in your pan. Oil is a basic in food cooking and can be found in almost any and every recipe. What is not well known, is that specific oils can turn your healthy wholesome food into an artery clogger or help open and clean them. Certain traditional frying oils like peanut, corn, and canola will have inflammatory effects on the body, yet they are cheap and plentiful and end up being cooked for large amounts of people. These oils are highly refined and highly processed. They are high in hydrogenated, saturated, and polyunsaturated fats. These fats are often used in heavier frying because they are made to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Almond, Avocado, Coconut oils are plant cooking oils that are able to be produced with minimal processing which leaves them whole and healthy. Almond oil benefits include helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, reducing cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Almond oil is high in Vit. E which is essential for skin regeneration, hair and nails. Avocado oil is seventy percent oleic acid, which is also known in olive oil and contains omega 9 fatty acids. Avocado Oil can help you absorb nutrients from other vegetables. Some nutrients called carotenoids need fat to be absorbed, and adding avocado oils to a salad can help with that nutrient absorbent. Almond, avocado, and coconut can all be manufactured cold pressed and used raw for maximum nutrient health. Hemp oil from cbd flower can also help promote good health and mental health.

Time and Temperature

Processing food is what depletes the nutrients. Any kind of cooking with heat is slowly tearing down the nutrient density. The time that food is exposed to heat is important when trying to preserve nutrients. Cooking techniques such as steaming, blanching, and quick pan fry are all ways to quickly cook your food. Stewing, deep frying, and slow cooking are ways to make foods more easily digestible, but with less wholesome nutrients. Temperature also plays a roll in improving your cooking techniques. With certain foods in order to become edible they are better cooked. Our bodies won't be able to breakdown the nutrients without first being temperature processed. Cooking potatoes at a high temperature breaks down the starches while softening the pulp as well as breaking down enzymes that are hard for our systems to digest. Also par boiling potatoes in water for 5 minutes help breakdown the starches, so that you only have to cook them at a high heat for less time. This preserves the nutritional content of the potato the most.

Cleaning And Soaking

Even with cooking, some foods have a natural protection layer that is filled with fiber and enzymes. Wheat, grains, beans, nuts, and rice should all be soaked for at least four to twelve hours before cooking and consuming. This cleans off the protective layer that can often times cause unnecessary gas. When cooking with meat, many cultures believe in cleaning the meat before preparing it for heat. This includes manually washing the meat with clean water and using citrus of some kind to cleanse.

Medicinal Herbs and Spices

Using herbs and spices can significantly change the absorption and nutritional benefits of any meal. Herbs and spices also aide in digestion when we eat certain things that are more difficult to digest. Adding cardamom, turmeric, coriander, and fennel to a lentil or bean stew helps our bodies break down the harder to digest legumes.


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