Ways to Improve the Flavors of your Food


Eating food is so much more than just something you do to keep yourself alive. Cooking and preparing food is an art form that has been around for hundreds of years. You do not have to be a Michelin star chef to appreciate great tasting food. If you feel like your food is becoming a little bland or you just want to expand your cooking abilities, you are always looking for different ways to prepare your food.

While you are not going to like every way you can spice up or change your food but with some testing and trial and error you will find something that you enjoy that really changes your food.

Here are 5 different ways to improve your food:

Try Different Spices

Spices can completely transform a boring pot of food into something completely different. There are a lot of different spices that can be found in your local grocery store or online. Not every place is going to offer the same kind of spices so you are allowed to choose where you buy your spices from.

If you are into traveling and visiting different countries or regions this can become a perfect souvenir for yourself. If you are in the south of France buy some herbs from there since they are known for their amazing spices and lavender blends. In India or the Middle East? Take some exotic spices home that you may have never heard of before. This is a great way to introduce new spices to your palette.

Grilling and Smoking

If you have a grill or a smoker it is time to start using it and experimenting with it. There is regular propane that can be used but there are also different kinds of chips that can be burned. Hickory chips create a really smoky and flavorful taste that cannot be created by using propane gas. Just about anything can be grilled or smoked, such as fruit and even ice cream.

Essential Oils

You have probably heard of essential oils but did you know that they can also be used for cooking? You can research online and better understand why choose doterra to read about the whole process of where ingredients are found. These oils are pure which means they punch a lot of flavor into every drop.

If you want your food to be a little more flavorful add a drop or two into your food. You can use basil essential oil if you are cooking pasta or making a sauce that calls for basil. Using something that requires oranges and citrus? Use your favorite citrus blend to make your food a little more flavorful.

Go to Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are a great way to support local businesses and buy from small business owners. You can find everything that you need at farmers markets from meats and produce to bread and home baked goods. This may be an expensive option or it may not work with your schedule. Keep yourself alert and realize you don’t have to buy everything from a market.

Grow Your Own Food

Yes this is a wonderful way if you really want to up your game and see what you can do all by yourself. This does not mean that you have to go buy a plot of land and start a full on garden. You can start out with something small, such as a pot with an herb that is easy to grow, namely basil and mint.

If you are looking to be a little more healthy this is a good way to get started. You are also saving money by growing your own herbs and vegetables. They can be organic or you can add sprays to them to keep them growing and healthy.

What are some of your favorite ways to add some extra flavor to your food? Comment below and share this with a friend who loves food!


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