Top Ten Breakfast Foods


Most people have heard the common statement, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” While this is true for several reasons, there are many questions surrounding it. One of the most popular ones is wondering what to eat for this essential meal. Here are ten of the best breakfast foods you should eat.


Nuts are a versatile ingredient that can be added to your meal to give it flavor, texture, and nutrients. Many are filled with various components that fight to keep your body healthy and functioning properly. There are various different kinds of nuts, so it’s up to your taste buds to decide which ones you want to keep in the pantry.


One of the most common breakfast elements everyone is aware of is eggs. They are filled with protein and have been proven to aid in feeling full. Eggs can be prepared in various ways making it easy to consume them on a daily basis. Hard-boiled eggs make great on the go meals, while an omelet or burrito can offer a satisfying breakfast dish.


Many can be seen with their morning coffee in hand as they go about their home routine or when they arrive at work. It can be enjoyed hot or iced and contains the caffeine needed to wake somebody up. Its caffeine content can vary depending on the brew, so it’s best to check what amount is okay for your body to intake.


Because of the various kinds of fruit that exist, the benefits of this food group are overwhelming. Most contain different vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. They are great to pair with several different breakfast foods or they can be enjoyed on their own. Your calorie count is often low when eating fruit, yet they also help one feel full.


Oats is another food that includes everything your body needs to get you going on your day. Rich in fiber and antioxidants, it is a beneficial breakfast for sure. Those who love cereal should definitely give oatmeal a try.


Whether you enjoy a drinking protein shake or a smoothie, both of these drinks are great breakfast options. If you are someone who doesn’t consider yourself to be a big breakfast person, either of these is a great alternative. They can provide everything you need to help you start your day in one small package. If you’re unsure what types of powders you should use, try looking up some Proplant Complete Shake reviews to help you decide.


Seeds are another way to add key elements to your meal. Chia seeds and flaxseeds are some of the most popular ones people add to their morning diet. These seeds are easy to sprinkle on some yogurt, add to shake, or mix in with your cereal. Rich in antioxidants and fiber, these should be eaten daily.

Cottage Cheese

Almost as filling as eggs, cottage cheese is a great option for breakfast. You can spruce it up by adding fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients to make it even more enjoyable. It also holds a large amount of protein which enables your metabolism to work faster.

Green Tea

For those who need a caffeine kick, yet aren’t a fan of coffee, green tea is the way to go. It is one of the healthiest drinks one could consume, and it can also help out some pep in your step. The caffeine content is significantly lower than coffee, and its nutrients are overwhelming. It also contains a protective and helpful brain and nervous system antioxidant known as EGCG.

Greek Yogurt

One of the creamier styles of breakfast, eating Greek yogurt is a nutritious way to start your day. The way this style of yogurt is made enables it to contain more protein than others that are out there. Some of the different types include probiotics, but most of them are known to help with weight loss.

Breakfast is the meal that starts your day and gets your body going. Make sure you are putting the best foods in your body so that the best of you will come out.


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