Staying Healthy This Summer With Must-Try Healthy Recipes


Many people hate the thought of keeping up a healthy diet because they often suffer from the misconception that healthy food has to be tasteless. While maintaining a healthy diet can feel like a stressful and fruitless task; however, you don’t need to sacrifice flavor for fitness. If you are looking to ensure that you stay on the path to a healthy life, here are a few tips on how you can stay healthy and not sacrifice taste.

Supplement Your Diet

While maintaining a well-balanced diet is an important part of being healthy, you may still be struggling with energy. The reality is that your diet may need a recharge and you may be missing key nutrients and energy sources through food. If you are struggling to make it through the day, consider pursuing supplements that offer comprehensive feedback like le-vel thrive reviews that can help fill in the gaps where your diet just isn’t cutting it.

All In the Seasoning

If your food is feeling bland and boring, you may be missing out on a critical step, seasoning. While adding salt can add taste and intrigue your palette, this can be a harmful additive; however, many of the other spices can add that same level of intrigue without harming your body. Consider how you are using spices in your food now and up your preparation game by adding in different types of aromatic and interesting spices.

When In Doubt, Grill

Grilling is a form of cooking that adds a level of flavor just through the process of preparation. Not only does the natural smokiness and char of the grill add another layer of flavor, but it can also be a fun way to prepare your food. If the summer weather allows and you find yourself with a temperate evening, consider firing up the grill to add flavor without adding additional calories.

Peach, Chicken and Salad

If you are looking to add some zest to your summer meals, consider introducing fruit as an element of natural sweetness. Recipes that combine a protein, greens and fruit for a brilliant combination can leave your mouth watering well after you have finished your plate. A salad that has chicken, peaches and whole grains over a bed of greens can be the perfect combination for a delectable al fresco meal.

Fresh Seafood, Mango, Lime and Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are often thought of as an addition to more savory, heavy meals; however, radishes and jicama can be a delicious addition to a summer meal when paired with fresh, bright flavors. Creating a salad that combines a light protein with a richer root vegetable and fruit is a combination that will delight your mouth. Try adding mango, shrimp, lime, radish or jicama together to bring together a rich and complex flavor profile.


If you are looking for comfort food, but want something suitable for summer, pesto is the perfect comforting dish for warmer months without derailing your health journey. Grab some fresh basil from your garden or local farm and combine it with parmesan cheese, pine nuts, olive oil and garlic to top off your summer menu. The brightness of the basil adds a level of freshness that is indicative of summertime while creating a rich flavor without leaving you with a heaviness. These fresh ingredients are a great way to enjoy something comforting without being over-indulgent.

Go Green This Summer

If you are looking to add some green into your diet, you can diversify your flavors beyond just salads. Consider how adding melon and avocado to a salad can light up your life. Creating a salad from honey dew mixed with the crunch of nuts and avocado, and a bright and loud dressing can be the mix that you needed to wake you up and add some fun to your diet.


While dieting can leave you with a bland and uninteresting eating experience, you don’t need to endure the banality any longer. Take this summer as an opportunity to capitalize on all of the fresh flavors and produce to enhance your meals and learn to better enjoy your food while staying healthy.


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