Staying Healthy In This Fast "Food" Paced World


In this day and age, it seems like everyone is on the go. There is always somewhere to be, either work or an event, maybe one of your children’s ball games, etc. Everyone always has a place to be at a certain time. Most of us are usually pretty health conscious as well, trying to provide the healthiest meal options for our families. How is this possible when we always have somewhere to be? It’s not easy for many families to make dinner and just sit down with each other and eat anymore. So instead of hitting up the fast food drive thru again for the fifth time this week, let’s think about different ways to keep our families eating right while we go through life’s busy schedules.

Knowing Where You Stand

To keep yourself healthy, you have to be honest with yourself about the unhealthy things that you may be doing. For example, if you haven’t been getting a full night’s sleep at night and you are finding that you are starting to seem more irritable or not being able to focus at work, then you should be more focused on getting enough sleep. It’s also important to be honest with yourself about your eating habits as well. How many sweets are you eating a week? Or going through the drive thru? You will need to answer these questions honestly and reflect on them so that you will know exactly how to start changing your lifestyle.

There are many ways to honestly reflect on your lifestyle. You can start a journal, talk to a person you trust and get their feedback, or you can even take lifestyle quizzes about your daily lifestyle habits on many different websites to get helpful tips. For example, if you take the health assessment quiz the system calculates the results and tells you how healthy you are based on the information that you answered with. This is a really useful program and can help keep us all in the know about our health. If you need to make some easy adjustments and don’t know where to start, consider taking supplements, check out what bio complete 3 offers and find what supplements you.

Meal Planning to Avoid the Drive Thru

In order to get healthy, it’s important to eat healthy and have time to cook meals at home instead of going through the drive thru. To do this, you need to make a plan. If you know where you stand as far as your meal plan to get you through a busy week of extra-curricular activities, there should not be any hiccups in your meals, and you’ll know that your family had a healthy, nutritious meal to eat instead of a not so healthy one from a fast food restaurant. It’s important to have the meal plan finished first so that we you go grocery shopping you can buy only want you need and not any extra, unhealthy things. Meal planning saves you time, money and stress. Meal planning is also another great way to get the family involved and have their say of what healthy meal they will be eating on the plan.

Fitting in Exercise to your Busy Schedule

Exercising is a crucial part of our everyday lives. Most people know that you need to exercise in order to stay healthy, however, many people just can’t seem to figure out how to place it in their busy schedules. In order to do this, you need to get honest with yourself once again and make fitness a priority in your life. For example, if you have a job that requires you to sit down a lot, a way to keep active is to maybe alternate as you can from sitting to standing, or maybe even walking around your office. Doing full body workouts, such as burpees, are a really awesome way to stay fit but to also get the full body workout you desire in just the little amount of time that you have made in your schedule for exercise.

The easiest way to stay healthy in a fast “food” paced world, is to remember to make yourself a priority. Many people, especially mothers, get carried away with taking care of others and providing for their families that they forget to take care of themselves. I know I am personally guilty of this, and it is something that I’m getting better at accomplishing every day. The best way to look at this is the simple fact that your family needs a healthy you. Your co-workers need a healthy you, too, so that your job can run smoothly. Invest some time in yourself to stay healthy in your fast-paced lifestyle.


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