Revenge the Fruitcake with Imagination


Does your perfect traditional fruitcake require several days of preparation? Did you already soak the the nuts and fruits in liquor and let them soak for days? Is the batter all ready to bake? You realize of course a solid month of storage is a necessity too. Likewise, two, three, or even four months is not unheard of either, if the storage facility is properly cool and dry. Uh… oh! Christmas is now less than a week a way… perhaps you should look at other fruit filled cake options.

Make It, Dress It Up in Just 10 Minutes!

Then, how about making a fresh fruitcake? What a simple concept! Incidentally, it doesn’t even involve turning on the oven. Think light and creamy, with homemade whipped cream. Save more time; buy already store bought whipped cream instead. Can’t find your favorite fresh fruits? That’s not an issue… toss in a can of fruit cocktail, mix, chill and dessert is ready. Enjoy rich tasting fresh fruit minus the extra calories of traditional fruitcake. The best part? You can dress your cake to impress in just 10 minutes! Check out this version here.

Want other options? How about an airy chiffon cake. Start with yellow cake. Top it off with fresh fruit and a touch of light sweetened whipped cream. What terrific fruit combos tickle your fancy? Consider strawberries and bananas. Although, blueberries, pineapple, kiwi, and mandarin oranges will work well too. It’s an almost guilt-free fruit cake option. Yet another one uses store bought puff pastry. This dessert can even be used for breakfast. It’s so quick and easy with a tangy cream cheese filling and piled high with the perhaps even frozen blue berries. Check it out here.

What fresh or canned mixed fruit combo #fruitcake will you and your family be enjoying this holiday season? That being said, we would love it if you saved a slice and shared @kitchology and @kitchenchick123.


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