Luxury Food on Your Luxury Cruise

Emily Burton

Taking a cruise with your family is all some people dream about. You may be dreaming of a wonderful luxury panama canal cruise that is at the top of your bucket list. It is a wonderful experience but some people don't go because they don't know enough about it. They think once they get on the ship they won't have fun. They worry about things like what their going to eat. Well we are going to take care of one of those curiosities today, the food. The food on cruises are just as luxurious as the cruise. If you are going on a cruise one thing you have to look forward too is the food.

How They Serve

Of course you are going to have to eat while you are on the ship for days and it is included in your cruise package. You won't have to pay for food unless you just want to. The cruise ship has all day buffet style food. You have breakfast options, lunch options, and dinner options. Along with the buffet and special order you can put in at the buffet they offer elegant restaurants as well. If you get hungry in between meals the buffet is still open for you! They offer a variety of options for all types of people and not just the buffet. If you don't want anything from the buffet they have other options on their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. These menus are perfect for picky eaters or people who want to eat healthy on the cruise. The cruise boat also offers vegetarian options for vegetarians. The food is exceptional paired with your breathtaking view of the ocean. If you were worried about the food on the cruises you are well taken care of.


You have various breakfast options to choose from on your cruise. The buffet will be filled with common things people eat for breakfast like pancakes, eggs, and bacon. For most this will be what they will eat for breakfast. This will be a great choice all of the food is exceptional. Other people can put in an order with the chef from the breakfast menu. The breakfast menu has things like turkey bacon, eggs benedict, omelets, and English muffins. This is great for people who want more of an upscale breakfast. They also have the healthier option on the menu for people who want to eat healthy on the cruise.


After breakfast the next time you will eat is lunch. The buffet is still open the food options are just different. There are things like burgers or pizza being served now. It won't be too many options because it's just lunch to hold you over until dinner. If you do choose something off of the buffer it will be more satisfying than you imagined. For healthy eaters they have options for you in there restaurants. The restaurants are usually open and busy at this time. They are busy because their food is so good. Dining in one of these restaurants for lunch will satisfy your appetite and your taste buds.


Of course for dinner the buffet is open with more heavy foods. You would see chicken and sides like green beans and mashed potatoes. You also have the option of dining in one of the restaurants during this time. The menu has things like salmon, steak, and lobster on it. The atmosphere around dinner time looks even better than it did during lunch. The amazing food pair with the décor and dim lights will have you bragging for the next month.


You should be looking forward to planning your next cruise trip so you can try some of these options I have shared. There are other cruise ships with more upscale food

these are the usual options you will get on a cruise ship. Once you taste them you will see that even the usual is exquisite.


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