How to Take Your Summer Smoothie Game to the Next Level


On a hot, humid summer day, who doesn't crave something cold, refreshing and easy to make? If you've got a few minutes to spare in the kitchen, the right equipment and the right ingredients, you can be well on your way to making a delicious smoothie that not only tastes great, but is packed full of all sorts of good-for-you ingredients. If you've never made smoothies before or could use some tips to make them better, keep reading. Here's a list of things that will turn you into an expert in no time.

Stock Up on Quality Ingredients

If you want to be successful with making delicious smoothies, stocking up on the right ingredients is a good first step. Don't be afraid to mix and match different types of fruits and vegetables; there are countless combinations that go together perfectly. Did you know that you don't have to stop at just produce? Adding greens powder to your smoothie would be a great way to get a mega boost of superfood nutrition into one serving. Adding yogurt, nut butter and even tofu is an easy way you can increase protein, creaminess and healthy fats. Adding oatmeal or other grains is a good way to bulk up the smoothie and add more texture. If you'd rather follow a recipe, especially to start, there are so many available to get you going. Have fun with it and be adventurous.

Have the Right Equipment

Are you still using a blender reminiscent of your childhood? If you are, it's definitely time for an upgrade. When you're really serious about making awesome smoothies, you won't regret investing in a high-end model made specifically for blending and processing. There won't be any buyer's remorse after you're blown away by the first taste of your creation. Many different options are available and some quick research will help you determine which one suits your budget, counter space and family the best. In addition to the blender, think about other items you might need; such as reusable straws or smaller tumblers if you have children who love smoothies as much as you do.

Be Mindful of What You're Consuming

How often do you have your smoothies as the beverage to go with your main course? Depending on the ingredients you use, you could easily be consuming two meals' worth of calories at once and not even realize it. While doing this once or twice isn't exactly the end of the world for your waistline, it could spell trouble if you make a habit of it. Remember that even though smoothies are technically healthy, it's still important to pay attention to what you're throwing in the blender. Natural sugars and healthy fats can be good for you, but moderation is key.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Have you ever been so excited to try your latest creation, only to be let down and frustrated when you realized that it just wasn't good? There's no doubt that's a total disappointment. The bright side is that it's totally avoidable as long as you've got a few smoothie tricks up your sleeve. Since different ingredients can be costly, do yourself (and your wallet) a favor by familiarizing yourself with ways to avoid or fix mishaps. Simple tricks like using frozen fruit instead of plain ice cubes, or processing greens first can make a big difference in how your smoothie turns out. You'll learn each time you make one.

Getting into the kitchen and making delicious and healthy smoothies can be a lot of fun. It can also be rewarding, especially if it means your health improves or that your family starts consuming a larger variety of fruits and vegetables than they were before. Chances are you'll learn a lot and that's always a good thing. Take notes, swap recipes with friends and most importantly... enjoy.


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