How To Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Nutrients In Your Diet


Often, you consume foods that are deficient in the needed vital nutrients in your body. You can use some tips to ensure that you improve your wellness and daily diet. Eating the right food will help you in living a healthier life.

Below are ways that you can employ to make sure that you get enough nutrients in your diet.

Eating Nuts

Although nuts have a high-fat concentration, they are very healthy and nutritious. They are high in fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, and other vital nutrients. Studies have proven that nuts aids in preventing heart diseases, diabetes, and helps in weight loss. You can roast or boil nuts to get wholesome nutrients.

Besides, nuts boost metabolism. Furthermore, the calories in the nuts will not be taken up wholly by your body; it will take up between 10-15% of all the calories in the nuts. To get the essential nutrients, practice having some nuts in your daily diet.

Eating Fatty Fish

To get healthy fats and high-quality proteins, include fatty fish in your diet. The oily fish have lots of fatty acids, omega-3, and other nutritious nutrients. When you consume fatty acids, you will lower the risks of getting several diseases and conditions such as depression, dementia, and heart disease.

Avoid Processed Foods

Instead of consuming processed junk foods, have a habit of eating real food. These foods trigger the pleasure center in your brain to overreact and lead to food addiction in some individuals. The processed foods are generally low in proteins, fiber, and other essential micronutrients.

Furthermore, these foods have a higher concentration of unhealthy ingredients such as refined grains and added sugar, therefore, nourishing with empty calories. Ensure that you consume real food that has the whole vital nutrients that are essential to your body.

Avoid Overcooking Your Food

Most of the nutrients are lost when you overcook your cook. Meat is a healthy and nutritious part of the diet. It is enriched with high proteins and has other vital nutrients needed by the body. When you burn or overcook your meat, harmful components that are cancerous can get formed.

Most vegetables are excellent when eaten raw. When you boil your vegetables, you risk losing a lot of vitamins. Learn to steam your veggies to get the maximum nutrients from them.

Blend, Crush, Chop, And Soak

When you practice those basics, you will make minerals, vitamins, and other vital components to be fully available in your food. When you cut your vegetables and fruits, you will be freeing its nutrients by bringing down its rigid cell walls.

 Also, chopping and crushing garlic and onions will aid in releasing alliinase. It is an enzyme that helps in the formation of allicin. When you consume allicin, it combines with other nutrients in the body to form compounds that aid in disease protection.

Soaking beans and grains minimize the level of phytic acid. The acid, in large amounts, blocks the absorption of magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron in your body. You can take green superfood powder with your vegetables to boost your immune system.

Storage Of Vegetables And Fruits

When you are storing your vegetables and plants, ensure that you keep them in an easily accessible place. Proper storage also will ensure that they are protected from excess oxygen, light, and heat to ensure that the nutrients do not get degraded. Store your fruits and vegetables in the fridge away from direct sun and at room temperature and take them out when needed. 

Eat Your Food Raw

When you are consuming foods that have heat-sensitive and water-soluble nutrients, take them raw. When you heat the food, you will be breaking down vitamin C, folate, vitamin B5, and vitamin B1. To ensure that you fully get these nutrients, practice consuming raw food.

When you boil the foods that have vitamin C and the water-soluble B-vitamins, you will lose them. Instead, ensure that you prepare them at a low heat and avoid exposing them to a lot of water. 

Practice these methods to get full nutrients from your diet, and you will be healthier.


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