How to Eat While on the Road


Whether you are on the road for work or traveling for fun, one thing not to overlook when planning for your drive is the food you will eat along the way. Gas stations, convenience stores, and fast-food restaurants make it easy to grab something and go, but often you get stuck choosing less than healthy options that may wear you down during your journey instead of energizing you. Plan to bring a few things to eat on the road, and spend less time relying on the candy aisle the next time you fuel up your vehicle.

Pack Some Snacks

Especially when you spend hours at a time on the road, such as on a road trip or with trucking jobs, boredom can become a problem, and often boredom leads to snacking. Instead of relying on gas station junk food to stave off the boredom, pack healthy snacks and feel better about what you are eating. Your body and mind will thank you. There are several options for transportable snacks that are easy to keep and easy to eat.

If you love a crunch, few things are more satisfying than carrot sticks. Whether paired with a yogurt dip or eaten on their own, you will feel satisfied by the act of eating them as much as your body will be satisfied with the nutrition. If you want a salty crunch, consider popping some popcorn before you leave, or roasting chickpeas. These can be stored in an airtight container or bag and can cut those cravings for chips. Think about packing pistachio nuts or pumpkin seeds. Boiled eggs can be a simple and satisfying snack. The goal should be to find something fresh or healthy you enjoy eating, so it is easy to choose what you packed over a bag of chips.

Plan Your Meals

If you will be on the road for a day or more, packing an ice chest with a few protein-packed foods can keep you satisfied while staying on schedule. You can plan a picnic for any of your meals to stop and eat at a scenic spot or enjoy while driving. For breakfast, you can make a fruit and yogurt parfait or a breakfast sandwich. Think about packing sandwiches or wraps for lunches and dinners.

To prevent eating soggy and unappealing meals, prepare everything you need ahead of time and store them separately. This means pack your meats, cheeses, and veggies in ready-to-go serving sizes. Then you can assemble your sandwich or wrap right before you eat to preserve the quality of the food. There are a variety of options for fillings you can pack, so you don’t have to be stuck eating the same sandwich every day. Pack different lunch meats, condiments, peanut butter and bananas, or whatever sandwich and wrap fillings you enjoy most.

Bring Tasty Treats

If you find yourself drawn to the candy, cookies, and cake options when on the road, prepare to combat those cravings by packing some sweet treats. Fruits and berries can be great things to eat on the road. Apples and bananas are good for grab-and-go snacking. Berries and grapes are easy snacks to store and cause minimal mess. Dried fruits, such as fruit leather or chips are easy to bring because they don’t require a cooler. Consider bringing dark chocolate morsels to pair with your fruit for a decadent desert-style treat. If you want more traditional sweets, make your own such as oatmeal raisin cookies using a healthy recipe so you know what you are getting.

Packing drinks is another way to prevent stops that cause temptation from junk food. While your morning coffee run might be imperative, bringing interesting drinks to enjoy along the way can help keep you from stopping for a soda several times a day. Bring plenty of water, but also pack bubbly water, flavored water, and fruit and vegetable juices to keep you going.

Packing the foods and drinks you want on the road doesn’t have to be difficult, it just takes some planning. You will feel good knowing that you don’t have to worry about what you are eating along the way.


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