How Much Do We Need The Latest Improved Food Technology?


The year has truly begun to sink in as we rapidly approach the end of the leap year month. In light of that fact, we’re looking at the latest products to hit the market providing new twists, new things and improved things. Basically, the world’s filled with food technology. All you have to do is go out and find it, but don’t forget to download Kitchology’s Eat.Better app for all your dietary needs.

Pick me ups

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Most kitchens are filled to the brim with gadgets. Who doesn’t fill their day with a cup of something? Staresso is steaming it up with a portable espresso, coffee, and cappuccino maker. Pump your own Red Dot award winning cup of joe with cream using pressure brewing food technology. Meanwhile, Brevelle is steeping their electric kettle tea maker with its hour long hot water warming function. Tea lovers simply add leaves to the basket, set the device, and return to a perfect brew. For cold beverage enthusiasts, JUISIR’s juice press serves up a cold one in 6 – 8 ounce increments using pressure food technology.

Egg lovers rejoice

Many start their morning sunny side up. Perhaps, you prefer it over easy. Whether you’re up for hard or soft or anything in between,egg-spect eggs your way courtesy of Dash Go. This egg cooker comes with multiple trays and a measuring cup. It’s also quite easy to clean despite it’s multi-functioning capabilities. In addition, Orbi created the Golden Egg which can produce the perfect hard boiled egg.

Everything Else

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Lots of people are looking for something to make the work of preparing and preserving easier. Insta Pot’s all in one cooker does both. It cooks rice and yogurt. It works as a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. Another company, Aroma Housewares also is in the multipurpose business of being able to slow cook and steam rice. Available in multiple sizes, the product is programmable to prepare veggies, soups, and meats. Lastly, Nesco has released the VS-02 vacuum sealer to prevent freezer burn and ensure your fresh or frozen food has a longer shelf life. Don’t forget to check out iGrill’s new new meat thermometer featuring Bluetooth technology.

As food technology advances, products are adapting and marching forward. It’s all happening so fast. Our kitchens and counters are becoming jumbled with more and more clutter and yet we keep buying devices without complaint. Could it be because of all the awesome food technology gadgets that are out there? What #food technology devices grab your attention? Why? Share your thoughts @Kitchology or @Kitchenchick123.


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