How Is Delivery Making It Easy To Love Food Technology?


Who Wins Fast Delivery Challenge Of New Food Technology?

While some will frantically scavenge for eggs on Easter, the the rest of the year folks can take it down a notch thanks to food technology. In fact, the advent of delivery services allows us to receive orders by a growing and varying number of entities. Between UberEats, Eat24, Little Spoon and other similar services there’s no need to hunt. Just go online, use a smartphone app, or place a phone order and enjoy the convenience of home delivered food. For those of you looking to create your own meal, check out Kitchology’s Eat.Better app for access to countless recipes and more.

Streamlining The Process

Once, it was rare seeing a food truck in our area. As this service becomes more prevalent in burbs and cities alike so does the need for changes to occur to ensure quality service with fair prices. To keep up, Uber recently announced plans to favor a new UberEats delivery service over their previous one. The new one is a better fit with their goals. By streamlining the ordering process the company intends to prevent price surges and avoid logistical snags. Uber is actively working to expand their network and stick around for the foreseeable future.

Rolling Around

Hot on their heels, Yelp and Marble have partnered to create their own food technology device. Eat24 will use robotic delivery machines in areas near San Francisco to distribute food. California better get ready…The bot maneuvers through buildings and neighborhoods mornings and nights…One day, Marble hopes to install a temperature control mechanism too. That would probably eliminate the need for the “heat bags” they’re using now. Who knows how far this heat will travel someday soon?

A New Kind of Baby Delivery…

Parents take note! How about a high end organic baby food delivery service? Think of how much time and effort you could save…If you can afford the luxury, Little Spoon utilizes the same food technology found in the juice industry. High pressure processing destroys bacteria thereby making the food safer for your little munchkin. Also, good news, this style of processing retains original flavor and nutritional value. How Is Delivery Making It Easy To Love Food Technology?

This weekend’s Easter egg searches aside, isn’t it comforting to know your hunting days are numbered? Food technology is on the march to make sure you have a basket of options for food to arrive at your door. Whether it’s a robot or a human, food will find a way to reach you sometime soon. It will be interesting to see who gets all the candy. Go ahead hop to it with your thoughts on this week’s #food technology @Kitchology or @Kitchenchick123.

Happy Easter!


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