How Do Surprising Millennials Keep Amazing Food Technology?


Is There A Simple Way To Please Food Technology Millennials?

Millennials have had a substantial and lasting impact on food technology. That’s no surprise considering Generation Y, or millennials, are often referred to as the internet generation. We might as well be called the technology group. Seeing as these innovations appear in so many forms, sometimes we fail to recognize it. Considering the number of ways we’re spoon fed it, whether we like it or not, it does influence us in a number of ways. See for yourself how much we echo boomers are changing the game, shopping and otherwise. Also, don’t forget to download Kitchology’s Eat.Better app for all your dietary needs.

Millennial Snacks

Millennials have had access to electronics since childhood. Some are using that knowledge and skill to their advantage. Some Gen Y’s lent a hand in creating successful health-conscious companies. Epic Provisions has a non-processed grass fed snack bar, a far cry from the gas station processed ones. Convenience seeking Millennials are also dipping themselves into the alternative food bar scene. Eating Evolved came up with a more food-y than candy gluten and dairy free, vegan friendly chocolate. In addition, Six Foods sells protein rich cricket flour based snacks and treats. Chirps Chips offer a variation in chocolate.

Going Out is Lame, Staying In is Cool

When not making stuff, us comfort seekers are buying a lot of stuff online. In fact, 40% of Gentlemen Y’s shop via a mobile device. Do note that even though we’re dialing in with smartphones and other small electronics we haven’t completely cut ourselves off from the in store experience. From a food point of view, it’s easy to access ingredient lists, nutritional information, and recipes from our cozy couches. Even though more than 65% of us do the online grocery thing, we also like the personal demo experience too.

A Different Kind of Clubbing

Another thing we like to do is save money. That’s good news for bulk club stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, etc. Providing mass production of food at a reasonable cost makes it possible for these stores to compete with their traditional counterparts. It also allows big box enterprises to offer product sampling in a food technology driven safe environment.

It looks like the generation that grew up surfing the web is making a splash. Some millennials are seeking to make life easier for more of us. Many of them are showing their influence and sway is second to none. They control the future of food technology. Only they know where it’s all heading and what is in store for us. As you’ve seen, we, Gen Y’s are filled with surprises.


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