Healthy and Quick Appetizer Ideas For Your Next Party

Emily Burton

Easy Healthy Appetizers

When hosting a party at home it is important to have appetizers that all of the guests can enjoy. There should be something for every taste. These are some great ideas for appetizers that are healthy to eat and quick to make.


Dips are popular but they are not approved of by the vegan diet. The vegan dip recipe is healthy and does not use any products that are made by animals. Vegan dips can be made with fresh vegetables. Broccoli guacamole is a popular dip and does not contain anything artificial. In these dips, vegetables are pureed to have that smooth texture of a dip. Different vegetable and spice combinations can be used to get some good flavors.

Spinach Balls

These balls are similar to meatballs but they are made with chopped cup spinach. This will reduce the amount of fat and calories in the balls. Fresh spinach is full of antioxidants and vitamins. The spinach is mixed with some grated low-fat cheese such as Parmesan cheese. Some panko breadcrumbs are used to give it a crunchy texture. Seasonings can be adjusted and these balls can be ready in no time. they can even be served with a vegan dip.

Eggplant Pizza Bites

Fresh eggplant is used to make this finger food. The eggplant is sliced then topped with some low-fat mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes. The eggplant is then baked in the oven until the cheese melts. This dish is low in fat and low in carbs. It is also very tasty and is a great finger food that can be used as an appetizer.

Carrot Parmesan Cups

This is a cup that can hold just about anything. It can be filled with a salad, tuna, or just about anything else. Carrots are grated up and mixed with parmesan cheese. This mixture is then pressed into a mini muffin cup. It is then baked until the mixture has set. These cups and popped out of the muffin tins and can be filled as desired.

Mini Pesto Toasts

Pesto is healthy and it is full of flavor. A piece of whole wheat or whole grain bread is toasted and then cut into squares. It is topped with the pesto. This way a person can still get their toast as an appetizer and is topped with a mixture that is low in fat. This can be ready to serve in a matter of minutes.

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Cups

These cups are low in calories and the salmon is full of flavor and omega 3 fatty acids. A cucumber is sliced up. The cucumber slice is then topped with a low-fat cream cheese and herb mixture and a slice of smoked salmon. There is nothing to cook, just some slicing that needs to be done. This is very healthy and can be prepared in only a couple of minutes.

Crustless Zucchini Quick

Zucchini can be sliced and then a muffin tin is lined with these slices. A mixture of eggs, vegetables, and even lean meats can be mixed up and pour around the zucchini. The cups are then baked until the eggs have set and they have turned golden brown in color. Before serving to remove the cups from the muffin pan. They are a great alternative to the heavy quiche with the crust that is high in both fats and carbs.

These are some quick and easy healthy appetizers that can be served at any party. They are big on flavor while being low in fat and calories. The guests will be talking about these appetizers for months to come.


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