Four Ways to Enhance Your Favorite Foods


Some people just eat to live, not really caring what they put in their bodies so long as it gets them through another day. If you have a food you really love, however, you know that eating doesn't have to just be a chore, it can be a pleasure, too. Whether it's a really good steak, a crisp salad or even just a juicy pear, eating your favorite foods can fill you with nostalgia, contentment and joy.

If you have certain foods you love to eat all of the time, you want to get as much enjoyment out of them as possible without getting bored. Here are some tricks for enhancing your enjoyment of your favorite foods.

Show off Your Foodie Fashion

Do you really love bacon or pie? How about cupcakes or apples? Whatever your food obsession is, you don't just have to appreciate it at mealtimes. If you're in love with a specific food, show it off to the world with some foodie fashion! Buy a fun pair of food socks or a graphic t-shirt that tells the world how much you love eating. Dress in style with accessories that highlight your current obsession.

The upside to wearing your favorite foods is that you'll be constantly reminded how much you love them. By the time you get that next slice of pizza, it'll taste all the better since you've been thinking of it since you put on your shirt, socks or even underwear that morning. Plus, you might get some other fans of that food to notice your gear. You could even get together for food, making new friends and eating an old favorite at the same time!

Try out New Dishes

If you really like a certain type of salad, but you haven't experimented much with other kinds, this is your time! Mix up your greens with some spinach or kale, use Italian dressing or a fruity vinaigrette instead of ranch, even see what kind of add-ins you toss in. You can make your favorite food even better by mixing it up and trying new things.

Similarly, if you like a specific type of food like steak or potatoes, try a new preparation. Instead of just searing your steak, add some chimichurri sauce. Make some rosemary roasted potatoes instead of just eating french fries again. There's a world of great food options out there, so try something new with an old classic!

Eat a Chef's Interpretation

If you really like a certain kind of food, you don't just have to cook it for yourself. The chefs at some of your favorite restaurants might have a take on a dish you love, which can be a great way to find something new to enjoy about it. Check out local or national dining guides to find new places you want to try.

Chefs spend years studying food and honing their crafts. Asking a chef at a local restaurant to try something new or trying an exciting variation on one of your favorites from their menu can be a great experience. You'll give your chef a welcome challenge while enjoying a new take on something you know and love, potentially expanding your horizons in the process.

Become a Traveler

There are some foods that span the globe. Are you a big fan of eggs or potatoes? The kinds you can get in America will be very different from what's being served in France, Guyana or Japan. If you really love a certain food, seek it out on your next travels around the globe. You'll find interesting new cultural takes on dishes you love, and you may come to love them in new ways!

If you really love a certain kind of food, there's no reason to keep eating it in the exact same way each time. Some variety and experimentation, as well as fun clothes, can take your favorite food to the next level!


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