Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid While Pregnant


Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

Pregnancy is such an exciting time in our lives, and the idea of becoming a parent can be exhilarating. Your health and wellness while pregnant will be paramount, as you are not only trying to remain healthy for yourself, but you are also growing another person. You will be eating for two and be allotted additional calories to support your baby’s growth and development, so your food choices will matter now more than ever. While you may get cravings and find your mouth watering over indulgent foods, you must be mindful of the nutrient-rich foods that can supply your baby with the energy they need to grow.

Prenatal Supplement

Your baby is growing substantially each day and to support this growth, they will need additional and key nutrients. You will likely take prenatal vitamins to help provide them with the nutrients that you may not get from everyday diet. This will not take the place of a good diet, but rather supplement your diet with additional nutrients.


Alcohol is often an obvious category that should be avoided, but it is critical that pregnancies and alcohol not mix. With increased alcohol consumption, the baby’s life and development at put at risk.


Caffeine is a product that many of us are reliant on, but unfortunately caffeine intake during pregnancy must be limited if removed entirely. For many of us, this means a significant reduction in our normal caffeine consumption, and while this is a challenge, it is a necessary change. We must be mindful of our consumption because while caffeine can affect us very little for a human being who is much smaller, this can have an increased effect.

Raw Foods

Raw foods like uncooked or undercooked meats and raw fish, like sushi and sashimi, can be a danger to a growing baby. While pregnant, it is important to avoid any types of raw foods, as the bacteria that can live in raw foods can harm the baby. These harmful agents are killed during the cooking process, so be sure to only consume cooked foods.

Anything Unpasteurized

The process of pasteurization is a necessary consideration for anyone pregnant. Similarly to raw foods, unpasteurized foods and drinks, like different types of milk and juices can contain bacteria. These bacteria will be killed through the process of pasteurization, so avoid anything that has not been properly cleaned.

Must-Have Foods

In planning your diet for your pregnancy, you need to be mindful of food as what you eat matters greatly and can help your little one develop a healthy immune system and give them necessary energy. Consider integrating more nutrient-rich foods into your diet like whole grains, pasteurized dairy with probiotics and dark leafy greens and you and your baby can both reap the benefits. Maintaining a well-balanced diet throughout your pregnancy is an important consideration throughout the process, but don’t make yourself miserable by only eating nutrient-rich foods. While you will need to restrict and reduce some food areas, don’t make yourself unhappy with your food choices.

Consult Your Doctor

Your doctor will be a critical resource throughout your pregnancy, and they will be able to offer guidance and assistance as you navigate these months. While you will likely need to make adjustments to your diet and life, there are ways to do this in a reasonable and manageable fashion. Be sure to consult with your doctor on medications, cannabis use, and other cautions you should be taking while pregnant. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, as this is their role, to help support you and your baby through this time. If you have questions about your diet, the pregnancy, your baby’s development or any other facets of the process, consulting your doctor for their professional opinion and advice will be key.

Being pregnant can be an incredibly exciting, but also uncertain time. While you will want to make the best decisions possible to support your baby’s health and growth, it is necessary to understand how diet and nutrition can affect you and your little one. Make sure that you are making the best nutritional choices for your little baby and you can set them up for the best possible health situation you can.


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