Easy Recipes to Make for One


Sometimes it can be just as entertaining and relaxing to stay in on a Friday or Saturday night, rather than going out with friends, especially if you need to recharge from a stressful week. If you are looking for some ways to indulge on your night in, here are some delectable snacks that are sure to keep you satisfied.

Cookie dough is a popular guilty pleasure. However, it is always a risky endeavor to eat it raw due to the chance of salmonella. A simple search online will provide a myriad of eggless cookie dough recipes that pack the same amount of flavor that you desire without the potentially dangerous ingredients. Using ingredients like brown sugar, flour, butter, vanilla and milk, you can achieve a result that is identical to eating real cookie dough. A popular mix-in is always chocolate chips, but you can add anything you like in to match your favorite types of cookie dough. You can whip this eggless cookie dough up relatively quickly and store it in the fridge if you end up with leftovers.

Make a One-Person Mug Cake

A mug cake is a perfect combination of gooey, chocolatey sweetness that you can enjoy while catching up on your weekly television or settling in with a good book. If you are looking for a healthier variation that does not include traditional cake batter, you can make easy switches of lean powder and coconut flour. Another benefit of a mug cake is that you can customize it to your specific flavor profile, whether you want to add in berries or some extra syrup to make it the ultimate confection for your preferences. With a mug cake, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

Spice Up Your Popcorn

Popcorn is a wonderful snack to pair with binging shows on Netflix or having an epic movie night. If you are bored with your usual butter and salt toppings, mix it up with some customized popcorn seasonings. With the spices you already have in your cabinet, it is incredibly easy to make a few different seasoning mixes, based on what you are craving. Add other toppings like parmesan cheese or even candy like M&Ms for an even more complex combination. Popcorn may be the best snack if you are craving something not so sweet that will still satisfy. Make sure to put some oil or butter on the popcorn first for the seasonings to stick the best.

Take Your Wine to the Next Level

It is always refreshing to enjoy a glass or two of wine when you are giving yourself some much-needed downtime. With some other ingredients on hand, you can turn your favorite wine into a delicious cocktail that will make you feel sophisticated and elegant. For example, try using rosé as your base ingredient and adding sweet syrups or fresh fruit to upgrade it. You can also infuse your wine with liquor for something that packs more of a punch and adds another dimension of flavor. Rather than going out to a bar or winery, this is a less expensive way to enjoy wine in the comfort of your own home.

Try Nachos with Every Topping

There is a reason why nachos are a popular choice for comfort food. The crunch of the tortilla chips combined with the gooey, melted cheese and other ingredients make eating them akin to a religious experience. Rather than going with your trustee bean, cheese and jalapeño on top of your nachos, take them to the next level with changes like custom sour cream, a variety of veggies or guacamole. Instead of using plain old cheddar cheese, try gouda or even fontina cheeses for a burst of flavor but the same melty goodness.

Having a night in does have to be boring. Using these tips, you are guaranteed to whip up some delicious snacks that you will love.


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