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Canadian Bakery and Confectionery Foods are most diverse in nature as opposed to Mexican and Brazilian cuisines with their unique taste and style. If planning to visit the Country, then it’s a tough time to comprehend Canadian cuisine. Large restaurants serve all kinds of foods starting from dim sum to gourmet dining. The major reason being, Canadian cuisine mimics mostly the diet of Americans and Europeans.

Of all the Canadian dishes and delicacies, the people of Canada are keen about their staple food too. Surprisingly,Cookies occupy the top place even surpassing donuts and biscuits when it comes to popular Baked Foods. Thank the production flexibility and portability that cookies are consumed more compared with the other sweet baked goods. Let’s have a look at the most popular and preferred Cookies in Canada.

Chocolate Mint Cookies: These delectable Chocolate Mint Cookies are refreshingly sweet, minty and mostly preferred by all age groups. Made out of vanilla, egg yolk, cocoa powder, butter and milk, this sandwiched cookie glazed with chocolate and sugar just melts in the mouth.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies: The most favorite Cookies among the youngsters spread with peanut butter, cream and jelly to sandwich together**.** Serving them with some cool milk makes you feel nothing less than heavenly.

West Coast Trail Cookies: This West Coast Trail Cookie has its name taken from a trail called as the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island in Canada. These cookies come loaded with choco-chips and dried cranberries. If not for berries the flax seeds and pumpkin seeds are also added to give them a nutty taste in the absence of nuts. it’s a perfect snack for school kids or people suffering from allergies.

Granola Chocolate Chip Cookies: Dried Apricots, Chocolate Chips and Granola come together in these cookies. Depending on the type of granola used the cookies might turn out to be either flatter or puffier. Once these mythical cookies come out fully baked from the oven, they turn just deliciously crispy and chewy.

Nanaimo bars: These Nanaiomo Chocolaty Bars are the ones you can’t stop craving for. They are the primary foods in many office parties, events and other gatherings. This truly scrumptious Canadian treat originated from the town of Nanaimo that is a part of the British Columbia on Vancouver Island. These tasty treats contain the basic ingredients like graham cracker crumbs, eggs, butter, vanilla custard, chocolate, coconuts, sugar and walnuts. Based on the region of the country these ingredients differ and can find different versions of the bar that contains peanut butter and chocolate mint too. It’s always special and occupies a unique place in all the Canadians list of favorites whatever the way of its preparation.

Snicker Doodle skillet Cookie: No reason can stop from tasting the mouth-watering Snicker Doodle Skillet Cookies. Made with a Big ball of dough which is carefully rolled in sugar to give it the sweet taste, these rolls are put into a skillet made of cast iron**.** Once these dough balls start baking they start to spread evenly and become those round flat cookies making the crack in the center and the sugar in the dough caramelizes into a crust that can’t be resisted tasting.

Maple Cookies: Just to grab a bite of these delightful Maple Cookies one can go to any extent in terms of waiting. Made from the mixture of Grade B Maple Syrup, butter, egg, vanilla cream & butter is stirred and made sure that all the ingredients are blended well . This dough is put on flat sheets and baked until they turn light brown and then cooled down. The sweetness of the caramel and amber tone of the maple syrup along with the bitter taste of walnuts gives you a subtle warmth on your tongue.

Canadian Molasses Cookies: This Canadian Molasses Cookie Recipe had its origin from Prince Edward Island which is a part if the Eastern Canadian Province. It is usually made without butter. These cookies have different variants like Ginger snaps and gingerbread. They are all based on a similar recipe but contain their own share of molasses and spices. All the ingredients such as molasses, vinegar, brown sugar and egg are stirred in a large bowl. Additions such as flour, baking soda, ginger and salt are added to the mixture and mixed until all of them are well blended. This dough is sorted onto cookie sheets and baked until cooled and enjoyed.


Canadians clearly have a hot favorite when it comes to baked foods. A research by Mintel Market researchers reveals that nearly 72 percent of Canadians eat Cookies, making it the nation’s most popular baked food. The Export statistics of Canada show that it is the Largest Supplier of Bakery Products in Canada and the major product being cookies.

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