Bring Your Dinners to the Next Level


Whether you are a beginning cook or a seasoned chef, there are many ways that you can work to improve your meals. Here are some of the best ways to add another dimension to your dinner dishes, so that you and your family can have a memorable meal together.

Add Herbs and Spices

Although your recipes may already contain the seasonings needed to go with your meal, you can always get more creative and add your own. If you enjoy cilantro, for example, and you think that it would go perfectly with your dish, you should not be afraid to add it or other herbs as a garnish that will bring more flavor into your meal. If you like a kick of spiciness to all of your food, then you can collect an array of hot sauces and dry ingredients that you can add to your meal to give it the zest that you desire. When you find something that works better, be sure to modify the recipe so that you will remember it for next time you cook it.

Use Essential Oils

Although unconventional, essential oils that are safe to be ingested, such as doTerra, are also a great way to infuse more flavor into your dish, in a concentrated form. For instance, if you are cooking food that is inspired by Asian ingredients, then ginger oil can give it an extra punch that will elevate it. For substitutes for common herbs, you can utilize basil oil or thyme oil. The oil will mix better in your sauces and vinaigrettes, without bits of greenery floating around as well. As you expand your essential oil collection, you can continue to find more diverse ways to incorporate them into your meals.

Pair it with Wine

To bring a fancier element to your dinner, you can experiment with wine pairings. There are many online guides you can utilize if you do not know where to start, but finding the best wine to go with your meal can add an entirely new dimension and make it much more delicious. Be sure to follow some of the basic rules of thumb if you are not sure how to pair, such as using a sauce as a pairing base more than a protein itself. White wines usually pair with fish or chicken, while red wines go better with red meat.

Try New Cooking Techniques

There is always room to grow in terms of how you cook your food. Even if you feel as if you know enough to be able to make all of your favorite dishes, you can always learn more. Try adding new equipment to your arsenal based on things that you want to learn. If you have the time and resources available, you can even take courses at a local cooking school based on dishes you want to learn how to make. You may discover a new favorite type of food, or a technique that you can use old recipes for to produce them in new ways.

Experiment with World Cuisines

Similar to experimenting with techniques and instruments you may not have used before while cooking, you should do the same with foods from other countries and cultures. You will no doubt discover flavors that you have not tried previously, but find delicious all the same. If you are feeling bold, you can even try a fusion meal, which involves combining two or more different types of cuisine to create a completely unique dish that reflects both cultures equally. When you want to feel more inspired, try finding dishes from your own ancestry and heritage that are significant to you and your family.

When you learn a variety of cooking skills, it does not mean that your meals have to be boring, repetitive, or one note. With these tips, you will be sure to continue producing unique meals that you and your family will love.


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